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BT reward card not showing in my account

BT Reward card not showing

Hi There,

I ordered the Fibre 1 Package on the 30th May 2021 during the offer period on a £65 reward card.

My broadband went live today, 1st July 2021 and yet when I go on the BT rewards page there is still no reward showing as available. Can someone advise on how to claim my reward card?

Many Thanks 


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Re: BT reward card not showing in my account

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Missing BT reward card

Hi, can anyone help? I signed up to BT fibre broadband at the end of May whilst a promotion for a BT reward card was active.

Once order confirmation received i should have been able to see my reward card to claim in my account, this isn't the case.

My broadband has been active since July 1st and still no reward card in my account. I am very frustrated as I have phoned customer services who were no use, I have posted on here but only received info on how to claim, but the reward card isn't there to claim. 

Can someone please advise how I can get my reward card into my account to claim?


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Re: Missing BT reward card

Hi @DJT0301,

Thank you for posting. I'm sorry you haven't been able to claim your BT Reward Card. If you send me your details, including the Reward Card amount and I'll be able take a look at this for you. 

I have sent you a private message with instructions on how to contact the team.  You can access your messages via the envelope icon at the top right of the screen, or click on this link, Private messages



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