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BT router and AOL software connection

Hi Everyone,


I have been with bt infinity package now for over a year My router is BT 3.0, I have always used aol 9.7 software for my email and general browsing, about 3 months ago the software stopped working it just wouldnt sign in at all, I just thought it was a problem with the software its self so I deleted and re installed it with stiil the same problem.

I just went on to just using internet explorer which was fine, any how while on holiday the laptop connected with a different isp and router the software signed in by itself and continued to do so for the rest of the holiday, when I got back I have the same problem.

Is this something to do with the router settings on bt home hub? the software as always worked with hub before untill 3 months ago. I have not altered any settings by myself, and does the router alter setting by updates by its self ?


Any help on this would be great


Many thanks Chris

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