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Re: BT's DNS servers still don't support ipv6

BTs name servers do provide query response for v6 records, hence peoples 9/10 on their "tests" and are fully "compatible with v6" whatever that means.

The "issue" is no public native v6 transport for the servers (I.e a publicly routed v6 address/anycast). Being in ISP DevOps myself I'd be 99.9% sure this has been done on purpose (Frankly it would be negligent not to be the case), to avoid a multitude of issues to the adverage consumer.

Those with clue can "roll their own solution" that works just fine. I imagine this will remain the case until such a time v6 deployments mature. 

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Re: BT's DNS servers still don't support ipv6

Sometimes, not so mature

Test with IPv4 DNS record 
ok (0.067s) using ipv4
Test with IPv6 DNS record 
timeout (15.006s)
Test with Dual Stack DNS record 
ok (0.066s) using ipv4
Test for Dual Stack DNS and large packet 
ok (0.040s) using ipv4
Test IPv4 without DNS 
ok (0.042s) using ipv4
Test IPv6 without DNS 
timeout (15.004s)
Test IPv6 large packet 
timeout (15.029s)
Test if your ISP's DNS server uses IPv6 
bad (0.025s)
Find IPv4 Service Provider 
ok (0.481s) using ipv4 ASN 2856
Find IPv6 Service Provider 
timeout (15.021s)
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