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BT's dreadful customer service

After being bounced around India and Uk for an hour I have just been told by a chap in India called Nazeem that I am not actually a BT customer and he then simply cut me off and put me back in the main menu queue again.


I am now on my third phone number, thrid BT account and second phone line in four weeks.


Needless to say the new line I have doesn't work.


I must have spend at least eight-nine hours on hold and speaking to customer services in recent weeks


My new line, which was activated last Thursday, was working until today when BT cut me off again.


That line provided a critical link to the local hospital where my wife's father is terminally ill. 


The nurses are under instruction to phone us if his condition deteriorates.


We don't get a mobile signal in our flat so the landline was our only means of communication.


So thanks for that BT – hope you are proud of your shambolic organisation.


You are making my life a misery.




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Re: BT's dreadful customer service

I wonder if this was connected to the slamming problem you had a month ago?


mods will help again. 

contact mods.jpg

After completing the email NOT PM then you join a queue of other customers waiting for mod help. The mods will get back to you in 3/5 working days either by phone or email

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Re: BT's dreadful customer service

Hi gthomson4000,


Welcome and thanks for posting.


I'm sorry you're having so many problems with your service.  I understand how important it is to have a working service incase your local hospital needs to call.


Send over the details and we'll sort everything out from here.  Click on my username and you'll see the link to get in touch with us under the section "about me".


All the best,



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Re: BT's dreadful customer service

Thanks for reply but I am beyond help now.


I am too angry to be helped.


You also cannot "fix" the fact I spent an hour at work getting glared at by my managers for failing to do my job as I was on the phone to BT.


To then be told I was not a BT customer and be cut off is something that can't be "fixed".


I have put my own job in jeapardy, only to be eventually snubbed by a BT customer service operator in India.


How can a Mod fix that?


Will a Mod write a nice letter to my boss explaining that it was fine that I negated my work duties as BT are such a shambles?


You also cannot fix the fact that I took two days off work to wait for Openreach engineers to come out only for them not to turn up.


How do you fix that?


Wil the Mods pay my lost wages or make up for the fact I couldn't take the kids to the park as I was waiting in for engineers who never showed up?


Will the Mods also fix the fact that customer services lied to me by saying I was not entitled to speak to a manager?


Will the mods fix the fact I spent an hour talking to the complaints section at lunchtime only to be transferred to another department that made things WORSE.


Will they fix the fact that I was CATEGORICALLY assured that the "procedural" account changes the customer service adviser made this afternoon would NOT affect my phone line.


That my service would be uninterrupted.


Instead I find I have another new number and no phone line.


These things can't be FIXED as they have already happened.


The damage is done. As I said BT are the most shambolic organisation it has ever been my misfortune to deal with.


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Re: BT's dreadful customer service

Please take up the mods offer of help they will take personal ownership of the problem until fully resolved and give you a single point of contact in the UK by either phone or email
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Re: BT's dreadful customer service

I appreciate your reply but they can't fix what has already happened.


My wife went outside and called my work in a panic over the fact we had been cut off again.


I was sitting beside all my bosses at work today and spent an hour either on hold or talking to customer services – only to them have the phone put down on me.


I kept apologising. One of the bosses said they understood given the circumstances to which the main boss said: "We'll I don't".


There are redundancies coming up at my work.


I have just put a black mark against my name with the main boss thanks to BT. 


With all due respect, how the hell will the Mods fix that?

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Re: BT's dreadful customer service

They won't but they may be able to fix the problems that you have been having with your phone.

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Re: BT's dreadful customer service

Again, thanks for the reply but I now wouldn't trust BT to "fix" anything.


Perhaps I am on the wrong forum if this is just for getting things "fixed".


As a BT customer with three accountsI feel I am entitled to come on here and vent my fury at the way I have been treated.


BT are an absolute disgrace. Their customer service is absolutely appalling.


The fact you have to tell the same person the same story when eventually you do get through wears you down.


The left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing.


The call centres in India can't understand my Scottish accent.


It is frustrating as hell to have to constantly have to repeatedly give details using Bravo. Charlie. Delta. Echo. Foxtrot. Golf. Hotel. etc.


The UK-based call centres understand you but the service is just as bad.


I have been lied to by a customer service operator. The complaints department say they will speal to her manager.


A manager she refused to let me speak to.


The complaints department say they will speak to her manager about that as well.


I have been nothing but polite and patient and have been rewarded with a stinking pile of poo in return.


So excuse me for venting my spleen here but BT are a shambolic disgrace.


If this is the wrong forum for psoting this view then I aoplogise.


I can only cite "veritas" in my defence.







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Re: BT's dreadful customer service

And why do BT need Mods on this website to sweep up their discarded customer trash?


Mods are a symptom of a sickly corporate body.


It has been stated that Mods will tackle a problem and deal with it until it is sorted out.


I have to ask: What the hell are customer services for then?


Do they just juggle the problems about before passing it to someone else who then adds another layer of incompetence before shifting the problem on again?


That is the way it certainly appears to me.


Why not invest in competent customer services?


My only assumption is that BT are happy to be a shambolic excuse for a customer-focused company.

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Re: BT's dreadful customer service

If you have only come onto this BT customer forum for a rant it would appear that you have succeeded. It's one of the best rants I've read for a while however, if you have come on with the expectation of having your problem resolved then I would suggest that you take up the offer of help from the moderators. If you don't want that you will just need to continue with the customer services department and all that that entails.

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