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BT shareholders' unlimited broadband and UK calls deal

BT shareholders' unlimited broadband and UK calls deal

Has anyone been able to take up the current BT shareholder's unlimited broadband and calls deal succesfully on line as opposed to over the phone?
I prefer to do it online then I can printout exactly what I and BT have committed to page by page !
The deal is for Broadband option 3 and unlimited anytime plan for calls at £20 month plus line rental.
Currently I am a Broadband 3 and free evening and weekend call user. (You order by calling 0800 707 6021 or visiting btcom/broadband/shareholder)

However ordering online as an existing BT broadband user gives me only two options:-
1.BT Total Broadband Fast and Reliable at £13 month.
2.BT Total Broadband Unlimited at £20 month but only with free weekend calls and an 18 month contract. The shareholder deal for existing BT Broadband customers is for free anytime calls and a 12 month contract.

I have spoken to five different BT departments. The people on 0800 707 6021 were  not aware that it could be ordered online and were  not at all interested in finding out if and why there was a problem !!

So if an existing  BT broadband user  has successfully placed an order online I would be pleased to hear from you.

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Re: BT shareholders' unlimited broadband and UK calls deal

BT have advised me that there is a breakage on that particular page which is in the process of being repaired. So to avoid further delay they took all my particulars and my broadband and call package  was changed over to the Shareholder offer within two hours. I must say they were very helpful. So thanks BT.

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Re: BT shareholders' unlimited broadband and UK calls deal

Just thought i would bring this back from the dead to ask a Question.

If i am a BT shareholder am i best just going through the "start your order" on the shareholders broadband page or is there a better way of doing it via an existing account. If i go through a whole order process will BT automatically cancel the existing service and billing when the newly ordered service and billing takes effect. To complicate things further my parents are the shareholders and pay for the service although they basically just use google and i am the person who sorts out things to do with the service or anthing else.

Thanks in advance for any help or responses.

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Re: BT shareholders' unlimited broadband and UK calls deal

Hi ewaste and welcome


You'd be better off asking the BT forum mods to deal with this -


They normally reply with in 72 hours, but are very busy at the moment, but they will get back to you.


If you don't get a reply in say 5 days, post back and let us know

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