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BT sport causing broadband to disconnect

For the last 2-3 months, whenever I select a BT sport channel it can’t find the stream - I just get a black screen. And then it will say there’s a connection problem. As soon as I chance the channel back to, eg BBC, it’ll immediately say ‘broadband connection restored’. My broadband is perfectly fast enough - I can watch Netflix immediately before and after trying BT sport - and I’ve had BT/YouView for 3 years with exactly the same setup, so I can’t see how it would be a wiring/setup issue. The only way I can get it to work, sometimes (this isn’t always effective), is to reset my router and then try BT sport straight away. But a day or so later I’ll be back to square one. Please can someone from BT advise, as I’m paying for a service I can’t use. 

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Re: BT sport causing broadband to disconnect

How is your box connected to your router @Dannyroff ?

Your broadband stats are quite possibly the best I've ever seen, so definitely no issues there.

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Re: BT sport causing broadband to disconnect

I live next door to the junction box, so you're right the speed of broadband certainly isn't an issue! My BT youview box is connected to the router via powerline adapters. So no direct ethernet cable, but as I said in the post for the first 2.5 years this worked fine, and the connection to the TV is more than good enough to stream iplayer, Netflix etc in HD. It just doesn't like it when it tries BT sport - it suddenly thinks there's no broadband whatsoever

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Re: BT sport causing broadband to disconnect

Would it be an option for you to temporarily test using a direct ethernet cable @Dannyroff ?

It's possible that the powerline adapters are struggling, or something else plugged into your mains is affecting them. It'd be worth eliminating them from the equation, and they're the most likely suspect.

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Re: BT sport causing broadband to disconnect

Hi did you manage to solve this problem?. I have the same and been happening for approx 3 months. BT checking speeds! after engineer visit. 

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Re: BT sport causing broadband to disconnect

@RoxyG   I've been  forum member for nearly 10 years and it never ceases to amaze me the numbers of people who wade in with complaints/problems/questions and never bother to let us all know whether the original problem has been solved. 

So, @Dannyroff, is everything OK with you after nearly 1.5 years?

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