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BT sport channels not working youview with netgear router

Just bought a Netgear d6220 to replace my smart hub 6 that I bought on a whim whithout knowing it doesn't really work with the adsl2+ broadband I am stuck with (eo line). The smart hub worked fine for a few months but lately started disconnecting all the time while on xbox mostly, a forced firmware update maybe!? So I decided to do away with it and get the netgear. Everything is going fine except for watching BT sport channels on my Youview, black screen followed by message and error IPC6023. Funny thing is if I press the red button before error message like I did just now I get that match stats for Champions league games ( I'm writing this during Atletico vs Chelsea). I'm completely out of ideas as to what to do next, tried everything, even rebooting the router before anyone suggests, but can't get it working.


Any useful help greatly appreciated.


Edit: BTW iplayer and ITV hub work fine

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Re: BT sport channels not working youview with netgear router

Its all down to Netgear who do have issues with their software for supporting IPTV with BT.

Make sure the router has the latest firmware first.
Then enable IPTV in the settings of the router
If this does not resolve it then enable IGMP Proxy also in the Netgear settings

Hope this helps
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