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BT sport

I am more than a little cheesed off with the service BT currenly provides through the BT vision box.  When I first got the box, I could get sky sports 1 and 2 through it.  Then because I didn't stay in a BT infinity area this was no longer the case.  But, hey, this would be replaced by BT Sports 1 and 2. BT Sports 1 and 2 are to show all the bid European games etc etc.  Brilliant!!  Then BT have decided that BT Sports will not be provided throught the terresterial aerial and vision box but digitally through laptop, tablet or other hand held devices.  Progress?  I think not!

Since BT realises that a lot of people prefer to watch sports on a large screen rather than on a mobile phone, BT provides me with a chromecast thing which I install but because I don't get BT infinity and because our broadband service from BT has inexplicably deteriorated recently then it doesn't work well.  I can get some pictures cast from my laptop to the large screen TV but I have a laptop size screen in the middle of my large screen TV which is as uselss as a chocolate fireguard.

Google chrome no longer supports microsoft silverlight which I believe is the medium for BT sports.

I can get BT spotrs through Firefox but not sure if I can use cast with this since chromecast is a google device.

Overall, I am so very disappointed with BT.  Friends can get BT sports through their Sky dish which seems crazy.

Would really like someone from BT who knows about such things to answer.  Preferably someone from the UK.

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Re: BT sport

Welcome to the forum - 


Probably three  approaches .


1) If you are experiencing general broadband issues best get onto BT support and get them to check for any problems.


2) Explore the various  options use of  using  the Chromecast


If you can get BT Sport app on your mobile phone then you may be able to use that to get the Chromecast to display BT Sport on your TV 


3) You could try connecting your laptop to your TV via HDMI - effectively using the TV as a second or alternative monitor for the laptop


If you google Connect a laptop to a TV via HDMI  you will find various sites that advise how that can be done.

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