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BT suddenly appears as a Credit Account?

I've been a BT customer at my current address since I moved here in 2007.  In all that time I have had landline and broadband packages and at no point has this been recorded as a "Credit Account" on my credit score/file.  

Today I had a notification that a new credit account has been added to my file - for BT.  At what point did BT become a lender, and why is this recorded as a credit account?  If it's a credit account, I should have a credit agreement?  There's nothing in the t&cs for home and broadband that makes any reference to use of credit reference agencies.

I'll raise this with equifax (why I have to do this when it's BT at fault is beyond me) but wondered if anyone can shed any light on why they have suddenly recorded a credit agreement where none exists   

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Re: BT suddenly appears as a Credit Account?

Hello @Wowbagger_The_Small - welcome to this Forum,

Have you seen this page?

It doesn't answer your fundamental question but at least contact details and the process for dealing with queries are given.

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Re: BT suddenly appears as a Credit Account?

Thanks Longshanks, I used that to register an account with Equifax and raise a query with them. It just struck me as being somewhat Machiavellian to get me jumping through hoops to verify myself with a third party, when it's BT who appear to have created an account without having complied with the terms of the Consumer Credit Act.
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Re: BT suddenly appears as a Credit Account?

You do not pay for your broadband and calls in advance. You get to make calls first then pay for them therefore BT are giving you credit until your bill is settled.

You will have agreed to this when you first became a BT customer and you will also have been credit checked at that time.

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