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BT upgrade

Hi, I have btbroadband anywhere which comes with an old model htc phone. I have had this for quite awhile now and was wandering whether it is possible to upgrade the phone to a newer htc version. I dont use the old one much because of its lack of functions, small screen etc. But the new HTC's are much bigger and i would surf the web with one of them etc.


Also, is it possible to upgrade my hub.. I read on the bt site they have newer ones with more reange and i was thinking it might be good to upgrade my 2.0 hub as the reception/range is sometimes not great. 


I would get infinity but where i live it is not yet available.


I tried to call and ask these questions but was on hold too long and my time is limited, I know they have the call back feature but i am in and out all day with kids etc so sometimes wouldnt be able to take the call. I will try again in the morning.


Thanks in advance


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Re: BT upgrade

Hi Bebot,

If you can fill out the contact us form in the "about me" section of my profile and we can take a look for you.

BT Moderator Team.

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