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BT virus protect issue

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Hi Ok. Ive not  used the free BT virus  for  years because Mcafee was always rubbish. So I now  have a 2 year Norton about to expire and want to install mcafee  which is  now Norton  great  ive  been using  the upgraded version already.

    So i temporarily  remove the existing license  from  the paid version  and  manage  to install that no problem  on the computer.

   I then want to send the link to another device so I send that by email  to  the phone  open up  the link and we have BT virus protect  which  then comes up as mcafee  installs and  then asks for activation  code,  which i sign into BT and  then  have the cant  connect  to  this network message.

    Are we saying here that BT virus protect  can only be used on Windows  and  not Android Mobiles ?

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Re: BT virus protect issue

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Ok  problem  solved  forget using the link  just  go straight to playstore download Bt virus protect and it installs the norton version of Bt virus and not the mcafee one . You  have to  sign into BT ID  though  which  is a problem  if  you dont want to be  giving someone else access to your BT account details.

      The link to install on another device from Norton should  be opening up  the Norton  version and not the mcafee and be ready activated and not require a third party to install log in  details 


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