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BT :'we've fixed you fault' ME: 'NO YOU HAVE NOT'

been without my home phone line since tuesday 19th oct, i have done all the checks and have informed bt.


I was reassured they would fix the problem in 3 days.


I got a text today saying they had fixed the problem,


I checked the phone line it was still dead, no tone, not fuzzy just dead.


I went online (yes this is still working perfectly) and went to track fault and found they had resolved this fault so i reopened it, explaining the phone line still is not working.


An hour later i got another text saying the fault had been fixed. Well it hasnt (again) so back online i have been through and reopened the fault that bt closed i wonder how long it will be before i get another text to say it has been fixed.


hey bt maybe it would make sense to phone your valued customer on the newly repaired line to confirm that it is actually fixed?


Oh and i was also told that even though it shows on the fault tracking page that i reported the fault by doing a line test on wednesday 20th oct, bt will only recognise the fault when thier line test shows a fault which was not until friday, meaning i dont get my line rental discounted, how is that fair? bt equipment doesnt find thier fault until 3 days later and then i foot the bill, and still no phone line.


sorry for the rant, i know others have had this fault, but am i the only one having these problems with bt resolving a fault that hasnt been fixed?

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Re: BT :'we've fixed you fault' ME: 'NO YOU HAVE NOT'

Hi Ashammahay,


I'll get this sorted out for you.


Could you drop me in an email please to the email address in my forum profile with FAO Craig in the subject field please?


I'll need your BT account and telephone number along with a link back to this thread.




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Re: BT :'we've fixed you fault' ME: 'NO YOU HAVE NOT'

Exactly same issue - my line went dead, I report a fault, they open it....... and closed (within 5 working days, not the 3 they mention) - and my line still being dead.


I report again, and then they still find the same fault (Obviously!) ("somewhere close to my house" -good, good, very informative) -still waiting for them to do sth about it.


The worst bit is that somehow in my case they don't even inform me of the progress, but I have to track it on line - imagine my state of hope when I saw the fault had been repaired.... only to be completely upset when I checked and my line was still dead....


This is amazing - is it possible to make a formal complain? A company like BT should not be able to charge us for a service that we are not being provided with.....

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Re: BT :'we've fixed you fault' ME: 'NO YOU HAVE NOT'

Hi Anacubillo01


Welcome to the forum.


I can have this looked at for you, drop me an email to the email address in my profile.


Please remember to include your BT account number, telephone number and a link to this thread.





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