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Re: BT web mail log in

I get this too - have posted later with an example from Safari.
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Re: BT web mail log in

I have the same problem on my PC; not on phone or tablet.
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Re: BT web mail log in

I use the mail tab. I can also access emails using my phone and tablet but not my PC. Any suggestions please?

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Re: BT web mail log in

I am also having this problem despite having done the remove cookies etc mentioned below. Has anyone actually managed to get it working or is it a system error? 

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Re: BT web mail log in

They know about this and are looking at ti, it was logged with their tech team yesterday apparently.



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Re: BT web mail log in

I was on chat with BT yesterday and at the time I could get in with Firefox but the sequence of web pages was different between Chrome and Safari on the one hand and Firefox on the other.  Now all three are behaving the same way.  

I will keep trying, looking every day.   


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Can't LOGIN to eMail

Just thought I should post this here. I've been unable to log into my eMail for 4 days now.

I get the dreaded -

Secure Connection Failed

An error occurred during a connection to

I've tried disabling BT Web Protect, but it didn't help.

Repetitive retrying does nothing and I've had the fault now, as I've said, for 4 days.

It fails on Firefox and IE and on multiple machines.

I've contacted their helpdesk and it's apparently a known issue that is fixed for some, but clearly not for all. I'll be making an official complaint tomorrow, as I've found that's the easiest way to focus their minds and get some action.

I was asked by their Helpdesk staff member  to try it using the Microsoft Edge browser, and it works fine and I can get into my eMail.

So, if you have this issue, try Edge.

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Re: BT web mail log in

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Re: Can't LOGIN to eMail

I have Edge and can't log in.

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Re: Can't LOGIN to eMail

Tried edge on my laptop, still doesn't work.

Also edge is not on Macbook or Ipad.

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