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Re: BT web mail log in

Thank you for the link.

I'm sorry to say that it made no difference. I cleared my entire history and cookies then tried again. There is still no change.

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Re: BT web mail log in

I am having the same problems, it has been like this since yesterday

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Re: BT web mail log in

I am able to log into my new email system but after opening a couple of emails it becomes not secured and it worries me because of hackers.  I have never had a problem with BT's emails ever. 

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Re: BT web mail log in

Yes, Brian, my problem also started yesterday.  Access to webmail was working well until then. 

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Re: BT web mail log in

Hi @briantheref and @Jellicle,

I have sent you both a private message so that we can take a look into this issue for you. Can you include screenshots when you are completing the account information form?




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Re: BT web mail log in

I have had a long term problem with this. I use a tablet 99% of the time, due to chronic pain, only using my pc occasionally. I remember, last year, trying to log into my bt account on my pc, and it wouldn't  let me. (There used to be 2 different passwords. for email and one for the BT account). After trying many times, I decided to change the password, and finally got logged in.

This year, in February, I had the exact same problem. The BT icon on my Samsung android table has always automatically logged me in. I just used to hit the icon and I was in. Feb 2020 I was trying again,  to access my BT account on my pc, and it wouldn't log me in, so I eventually gave up, and changed my password, and I finally got in. It was then,  that all the trouble began with my BT email on my tablet, which I need to access multiple times a day, as it's  my primary email. It wouldn't  let me in! I can't  remember all the details now, as it was months ago, but suffice to say, that throughout Feb and March I had no access to my BT email at all!! (My pc is still on Windows 7, and I am reluctant to open my email in thst, as most updates stopped in Jan 2020). I rang a computer shop and asked for advice. The lady told me that there had been problems with BT email throughout that period, and suggested accessing it via Outlook Express . She gave me instructions, and it worked!!! It was a great format too, and laid out very clearly.  It worked really well for 2 weeks, before logging me out completely and asking for details that I didn't  understand. 

I have been trying ever since, to get my BT email to work on my tablet. I have literally 1000s of unopened emails , some of them extremely important, including one from BT, where I ended up being charged extra for 2 months, because I couldn't access it!! I have tried many, many times to get into my email. The BT link kept going through yahoo, which is supposed to be redundant now. When I would eventually get in, the format was awful, and completely unusable. All my extremely important Starred emails had completely disappeared. For a while, I could access them, if I changed the page to "desktop view", but since the update, that isn't available any more, so I have now completely lost them!! Every time I clicked off the email page it would log me out, and was a 5 step process to get logged back in again. It's  been like that for months now! I am disabled and very ill, and this has caused a massive amount of steps for me. It has been sooo stressful that I've  only gone into my email 2-4 times a week, resulting in 100s more emails being missed. The fomat is dreadful, and I found it incredibly difficult to use. 

Since the update, the format is even worse!! I cannot access my Starred emails at all, so they've been completely lost. Every single aspect of it is awful. Even the site itself, wobbles, when you zoom in, which you have to do, otherwise everything is incredibly small....too small to read. I've had this email for approx 15 years, and it is my primary email, that I use for all my bills, and all other vitally important mails. I am utterly fed up with it, as I am BT. BT's service on every single front, has been atrocious, for years!! As we speak, I've  had serious problems with my broadband for a month now , and my ethernet powerline adapters stopped working a week ago, and my pc is virtually unusable, thanks to a new home hub!

Have been trying to do speed tests these past few days,  to show them that there is still a serious fault, but as per usual, I'm not able to log into my BT account either on my tablet or my  pc. I have literally just installed the app, and to my astonishment, it has let me log in, but won't complete a speed test, as it couldn't find my Internet connection!! 

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Re: BT web mail log in

I have managed to sort it out. You need to make your primary email address (if you have more than one) your favourite email address. When you have done that, click "Go to favourite mailbox" and it will put you straight into your mailbox.

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Re: BT web mail log in

But I don't understand why the problem has just started after years of working well. I've been using the new BT Mail without any difficulties for several weeks until yesterday. I actually quite like it. It looks as if there are several of us with this problem. Someone else has just posted. 

The primary email address on the email part of our household BT account is not mine. 

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Re: BT web mail log in

Ditto, email dead in the water for three days but OK on my phone.

On my Windows 10 desktop all I get is 


despite having followed all the suggestions on this thread. It was fine 4 days ago, I didn't make any changes, but it just failed

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Re: BT web mail log in

Just tried via Edge instead of Chrome and it worked fine ......

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