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Re: BT web mail log in

I have just tried using Edge and it didn't work. 


I have tried in Chrome, Internet Explorer and Edge.

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Re: BT web mail log in

I'm having a similar problem which seemed to start yesterday.  The error message I'm getting is:

Secure Connection Failed

An error occurred during a connection to

The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified.
Please contact the web site owners to inform them of this problem.


I can access the emails on my iphone but not on my PC. 

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Re: BT web mail log in

I've already tried that but has made no difference
Still getting the same issue
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Re: BT web mail log in

I've just tried this link and unfortunately has made no difference
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Re: BT web mail log in

Hi Matt

Mine was the original post.

It was all working fine until thursday, then when I tried to log in, got the message:

This page isn’t working didn’t send any data.

I am using Chrome on Windows 10 and have tried signing in in different ways, as well as following links suggested by others. Made no difference. I have not changed anything to what I normally do.. After the original issue on thursday, I cleared all cookies, caches & browsing history, but no change.
I am getting emails through on my Android phone mail app
Many thanks
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Re: BT web mail log in

Have also tried Edge with no luck.
Get this message:

Hmmm... cannot reach this page
Try this
Make sure that you’ve got the right web address:
Search for "" on Bing
Refresh the page
Report this issue

Privacy statement
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Re: BT web mail log in

Well at least I'm not alone! We've had the identical problem for 3 days now. Can't log on to email, get the message posted here, but can see email on my phone (I just don't like to use them there as the text is so small). We've rung BT twice, spent most of yesterday trying to sort it out cleared all our cookies and browser history as they advised, run a full virus scan, shut computer down each night (which we always do anyway), tried through Chrome and Internet explorer, etc etc etc. I've never been on this community before, but I registered having seen this thread, and of course the first thing it did was say "we've sent you an email to confirm". Aghhh.  I've tried the links suggested here but no luck. But at least I'm not alone! Mind you, we've had nothing but trouble with this email since the changed format. 

I shall keep an eye out for any new suggestions, but to be honest I think our best choice is to go elsewhere for our email provider.

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Re: BT web mail log in

Yes I have the same problem, trying to log into email using both a laptop and a tablet I started to get this error message on Thursday. I can still access my email account using a mobile phone. 

I contacted  BT support on Friday, but other than switching my devices, and the router on and off several times they could not help.  This did not work.

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Re: BT web mail log in

Same problem with me. Started on Thursday, cleared cache, cleared cookies etc.

Tried to change my email password yesterday, got locked out. Went to reset it, would not accept my (correct) security answers. Rang BT who were very helpful, member of staff sorted my email login and the login page worked on my desktop for the rest of the day. But of course turned desktop off last night, and today am back to "Signin1" message.

Please can BT sort this out.

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Re: BT web mail log in

I cannot login to BT Mail on any browser on my Mac - I have tried Safari, Firefox and Chrome.  I get messages like this. 

Screenshot 2020-07-04 at 15.23.13.png

BT Mail to my e-mail clients - Apple Mail - on my phone, iPad and Mac continues to work.  I am nervous of changing too much in case they stop working.   I can login to My BT.  What does linking an e-mail to my BT ID actually mean?  

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