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BT whole home triple pack upgrade to premium DONT DO IT

I have setup and installed nearly 80 sets of the triple pack excellent product so thought I would upgrade the system at home to the premium disk WHAT A WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY. all I have done is changed the disk setup still same.

We have 2x cctv systems that use the Ethernet port on 2 separate disk for a connection when original disc connected and reset using app everything comes back up on premium disk they won’t comeback on line till the disk the cctv is plugged into is rebooted. 

We have changed the SSID but every now and again while searching Wi-Fi I can see the original SSID that was on disk and the new 1 that I put in check again later I can only see the new1?

When rebooted again I have a pc next to a remote disk as the main disk comes back on line first the pc logs onto the main disk but when the disk next to pc finishes setting itself up the pc does not move to it even Thoe it’s only just got a wifi connection from a disk further away. I have not Ed this on several devices. 

After a reset as disk come back on line 1 is quiet away from main disk (goes yellow) but can see the main disk this disk normally jumps off the kitchen disk which goes blue  which is closer to the main disk but depending on how quick they and what order they reboot I end up with the kitchen connecting to the shed instead of main disk. This does show a reduced speed coming off yellow the disk by -150mhg and the disk seem to stay setup this way. The only way to over come this is to switch everything off boot main disk goes blue then boot kitchen goes blue then boot shed goes blue and 200mhg everywhere and the shed jumps off the kitchen. 

I could keep going on and on and on THESE ARE RUBBISH compared to the original disk and as I have said I have setup a good 80 sets of the original disks  but would not install this product premium disk for people as they do not work any good at all. 

I tried to speak to tech support wasted 1hr 3 calls and might as well have been banging my head on a wall for the help I got. 

so anybody got any ideas as I have played with these for The last day and half and can’t get them to work any good 

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Re: BT whole home triple pack upgrade to premium DONT DO IT

Hi @Oi 

Thanks for your feedback. The problems you're having aren't expected with this product so I'd suggest emailing who will be able to pass you on to the product team with any specific questions/problems.

When rebooting the system, it takes several hours for everything to settle as it was before the reboot because the system needs to adjust to its environment, which starts again each time you reboot the whole system. Even though a device may be next to another disc, unless it has a "bad" connection, it may choose not to move as that could disrupt your connection.

If you're running the latest firmware (SGAB202226), the discs adjust topology shortly after boot and then again several times a day so you shouldn't need to reboot them in a particular order to get them working at their best performance.

Please inform the helpdesk which CCTV system you are using so we can investigate the problem you experience when needing to reboot the network.


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Re: BT whole home triple pack upgrade to premium DONT DO IT

Standard reply that you have never heard of these problems before if you search the net they are mentioned on several sites when the product was released with these same problems. I am testing these for a product to sale if you want me to be a tester and talk to support then give me the disk FREE and I will willingly test for you but paying £270 I want them to work. There are bugs and there are problems these premium disk have PROBLEMS. I also can’t set these up and wait 3 to 4 hrs for them to TRY and sort them selves out the original disk do this in about 15min also these premium disk have now been on for over 24hrs and still configured wrong 1 Ethernet device has come back on line but does not show on the app anywhere as being on line but it does work so must be there. And devices are still connected to a substandard connection for speed with a loss of 150mhg that I can fix rebooting them in a specific order but these disk are supposed to sort this out the original triple set does no problems. 

So basically don’t waste your money on a so called upgrade from the original triple set as they are not worth it I will be returning these to the shop as not fit for purpose. But if you want me to keep testing them feel free to send me a Free set and I will send you problems and results 

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Re: BT whole home triple pack upgrade to premium DONT DO IT

I agree with everything you have stated Oi, I am also having issues with the system rebooting and assigning the old wifi name etc. These are utter tripe and I will also be returning them.
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Re: BT whole home triple pack upgrade to premium DONT DO IT

The mini disk are not that good as well but the original disks £199 rrp are an excellent product I must have setup nearly 90 sets of these now. 

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Re: BT whole home triple pack upgrade to premium DONT DO IT

Hi @Sircoynie 

Have you contacted the helpdesk about any of the issues you're having with the Premium Whole Home Wi-Fi discs?

We have some new firmware coming very soon to address the most common issues reported after the initial product launch so would be great to confirm they're working better for you before you return them. 


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Re: BT whole home triple pack upgrade to premium DONT DO IT

I have emailed them, when is soon as this is literally being boxed up for return and reviewed.

Note my email contained the following:



Hi, First of all I hope you are well. I have been told to email you about my many issues with your BT WholeHome (yet to be) Premium Mesh System.

1/ Disc Drop off – I have 5 discs connected via the WIFI backhaul – All with at least Good connection – I have some devises connected to them via the ethernet ports – randomly I have seen slave discs drop off and disconnect. This is only fixed via a network restart and is happening around 6 times A DAY!

2/ I am not sure if this is related to the above – I have noticed that when the discs drop off my log is showing that the systems clock has been reset and the wifi SSID to the original factory setting, this then changes back to my personalised SSID

3/ I cannot select the Steered tick box in devices – I have tried multiple browsers on my Mac (Safari/Firefox/Chrome) and none of them work

4/ The network topology appears to be all over the place both connection wise and gui representation both in the app and via a browser.

5/ I cannot get anything over 300mbps when connected to any salve disc via ethernet. This is actually worse than my previous BT WholeHome solution (Note I am running on BT Full900 and get speeds of over 920/130 when connected to the Master disk via Ethernet)


All in all I am hugely disappointed in the this product, you have major major firmware issues and I am getting to the end of my tether with it.


Please let me know if you know of any immediate fixes to my issues above as well as when we can expect a firmware update to address them as mentioned by your moderator Dan-O on your forums.


Many thanks,"

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Re: BT whole home triple pack upgrade to premium DONT DO IT

Do you really think a firmware update will solve this ummmm no. Firmware updates in my experience seem to fix 1 thing never everything then something else stops working. Mind you there are so many things to fix at the moment you probably wouldn’t notice something else gone wrong with them. There is no way I would ever pay for this product again  (premiere disks) to see if they work. Send me a set and I’ll run them alongside the good 1s and let you know how they go (I’m on virgin) andI do a lot of testing on products before I sell them and have never bought such a bad product that luckily Argos took back at nearly £300. Also it has only just been mentioned the supposed problem on the virgin hubs how long has this taken them to work out 6 months ???? 

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Re: BT whole home triple pack upgrade to premium DONT DO IT

Afternoon @Dan-O,
I am losing my patience with this now, can you please confirm today when the update is due to fix these issues? I have raised them with your support and all I got was.....we will look into it and get back to you which is just not good enough!

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Re: BT whole home triple pack upgrade to premium DONT DO IT

Standard reply from companies they have no fix so just want to get rid of you let us know how long IF they reply. 

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