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BT will you ever get it right and activate my Broadband and Phone Line?!!!

From start to finish, well its not finished yet by order for phone and broadband has been a calamity.

I originally placed my order in mid October with an activation date of the 7th Nov - However, a week after the order I was contacted by BT to say there was a problem with the activation because they thought there was an existing line working in the property by another provider and werent sure when this would be resolved but could i find out more about this?


I have started renting a property as I have a new job and will have to re-locate eventually - I contacted the landlord who said that the previous tenant did not have a line activated and his mother was the only other inhabitant and herline was with BT!!

I re-called this back to BT who said - 'oh right, well we musn't have de-activated the line properly at the exchange'.

There was more callamity with BT cancelling orders then ringing meand asking me if I still wanted my order.


Anyway, I eventually got an activation date of 23rd Nov, yesterday.  For 2 weeks, I have called BT everyday and was told that everything was on track.  Even yesterday morning everything was OK....however, my line still hadn't been activated by 7:00pm last night.....I rang an advisor who spoke to openreach and it was still going to be activated....I woke this morning to no BB or phone line.


So, I have called BT first thing this morning to check on the order....the gentleman said he would contact Openreach to find out what has happened.. he also said that the line number I had been given wasn't the one that they were going to activate and it would be another number...anyway it seems there is a problem at the exchange which they are hoping to sort by Monday.... I am not overly confident that this will be sorted......which for BT should be disappointing that custoners have no faith in there ability to deliver a service.....


Anyway, I was hoping someone on here might be able to;

- assure me that BT are probably teleling me the truth

- Is there anyway I speak to someone in the UK about this?


May thanks....sorry for the rant...


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Re: BT will you ever get it right and activate my Broadband and Phone Line?!!!

Welcome to this forum.
This is a customer to customer forum only, where forum members can help each other with BT Retail products and services.

Anything you post here does not go to BT. Although the forum is moderated by BT, not all post are read.

If you would like to contact one of the UK based BT Care Team who moderate this forum, they should be able to help you.


They can be contacted using this link BT Care Team


They normally respond by phone or e-mail, within three working days, however you should get an immediate confirmation, with a tracking number.

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