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BT with Fon log in page has changed

On the 4th of this month, I brought a 5 day pass from

For the past three days I would connect to the BTwifi-with-Fon network, and it would take me to the login page automatically. I would login by selecting the "Fon" option at the top of the page (as the email I recieved when I made the purchase instructed), and inserting my login details. I would be logged in without problems, and everything worked fine.

Today the default login page has changed. When I connect to the BTwifi-with-Fon network, I am redirected to the login page, but the "Fon" option has disappeared. The Fon logo which used to be at the top right corner of the page has also now disappeared from the log in page.

The page now has a drop-down menu on the left, with the following options in order (from top to bottom): BT-Wifi (incl. BT Openzone), Boingo, BT Broadband, Vodafone UK.

No Fon. And when I insert my login details, they are not recognized. The email which I recieved after making the purchase said I needed to select "Fon" in order to be able to log in. But now that the Fon option is not there, what should I do to connect?
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Re: BT with Fon log in page has changed

Hi @Kooshy,


It can see that the website you got the pass from is run by FON rather than BT. My advise would be to contact FON and ask them to either provide you with login instructions that work with the new page design, or to provide you with a refund on the pass. You can by BT WiFI passes directly, which should still work.


I've just tried connecting to a 'BT-WiFI-With-FON' network, but my login screen still looks the same as ever (with the Fon login option still visible). It may also be worth checking that it is a 'with-fon' wifi hotspot that you're connected too? 

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