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BT youview box auto log in to NowTV

I used to have BT entertainment package which included NOW TV entertainment, but I no longer use it, so my BT account has no NOW packs or passes associated with it at all. - however the account still exists.

When I open the NowTV app on my BT YouView Box, it automatically logs me in to my BT account, there seems to be no way of avoiding this.

I currently have a Sky Sports pass in a different account, directly with NowTV and no link to BT at all.

In order to watch Sky Sports, I have to launch NowTV, scroll down, sign out, then sign in again with the other account.

This happens every time I launch the app, not just after stand-by or switching off.


I have tried a number of times with BT to disassociate the account, they don't seem to be able to do it.

I have factory reset the box - no change. I am convinced it is an account setting, not a hardware setting.

The latest advice from BT is to remove the NowTV account associated with BT, but I can;' seem to do that.

I contacted NowTV, but apparently my request goes to a 'special department' and will take 1 month before the account is deleted. - Even then, I'm not sure if this will solve things.


Anyone else had this problem, or have any advice ?



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Re: BT youview box auto log in to NowTV


How are you doing the "Factory Reset" - from the Settings menu or by interrupting the boot up of the box?

I have a regular problem with my box's analogue AV output that is fed to another room - every so often it stops outputting the audio out of the phono sockets. I have found that the only way to cure this is to do a Factory Reset during the boot up - doing it via the Settings menu does not cure my issue. Unfortunately, this also has the effect of clearing my NowTV app login details, (I too have a Sky Sports pass associated with a different account). When setting up NowTV again it is treated as a new device - taking up a new slot as one of the 6 devices allowed, (for up to a month).

So, a Factory Reset from the boot menu might clear your login details to achieve what you want?




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Re: BT youview box auto log in to NowTV

Thanks for the feedback.

I was doing the reset from the menu - done it twice.

the reason I am convinced that the problem is account related is that I have 2 youview boxes, one of which I hardly ever use for now tv, and that has the same issue.

until I had the entertainment pack with BT, it wasn’t an issue.

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Re: BT youview box auto log in to NowTV

Will try your advice tho, with the other box- but will wait a week or so, as I too have had to change the device a few times when I reset the box

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