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BT youview is a poor shambolic offering

reading so many posts about failed recordings and yet little has been done to resolve it. i too have a large number of failed recordings every week. BT LIVE CHAT or on phone are absolutely useless and have not a clue how to resolve the issue. it is no doubt linked to the dodgy update a few weeks back. as usual, rush something out that is going to cause problems, then we have to suck and see, whilst BT get round to eventually sorting it out. is a partial refund available for the TV element of our bills??.................... somehow i doubt it as BT are yet another greedy corporate machine where customers are merely cash cows.

on the plus side, my youview box is useful for standing a vase of flowers on, certainly is no use for anything else


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Re: BT youview is a poor shambolic offering

I don't believe it's down to a dodgy update as I've experienced on boxes running 26.40, 26.41, 29.45 & 29.53

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