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Another woeful story of incompetence from everybodys favourite behemoth...


Registered interest in BT Infinity last year but have heard nothing since then.


Occasionally I enter my telephone number in the Checker only to be told (as expected) that Infinity is not yet available.


The FTTC install date has been knocked back 3 times already this year and is currently showing 30 September.


On Sunday 07/08/2011 I went through the checker process again and to my surprise it said that I could order Infinity and it gave me 31.9MB download/7.8MB upload so I went through the procedure and signed up for Option 2


At the end of the process I printed the order details where it said 'A BT Engineer will install and activate your BT Broadband on 15/08/2011 1pm-6pm


It also stated 'Your BT Home Hub will be delivered 2 working days before your installation date shown above. Your engineer will bring the BT Broadband modem.


Wow...I thought...impressive. BT certainly has changed after all these years. I kicked them into touch many years ago for many reasons including not delivering on time, apalling Customer Service etc. etc.


The HH3 and Welcome Pack was posted Monday 8th and delivered Thursday 11th


So far so good...but you know where this is heading...


Took a day off work today as although I live in Oxfordshire I am currently working on a project in Wales. As I am self employed it will cost me a full days money but will be worth it to finally get Infinity installed.


Got to 4pm and had heard nothing so decided to check on progress.


Went on the Order Tracking page and entered the VOL011- number and postcode.


Came back as Order not found.


Tried again...this time with the Order Number and postcode...once again order not found.


Fearing the worst I tried once more very carefully cutting & pasting the relevant numbers from one of my confirmation emails and inputting it into the checker to avoid mis-typing only to be told 'You have entered incorrect information 3 times...


Rang the BT number given in one of my confirmation emails and spoke to India.


There was obviously a language barrier as the operator, although very polite was not listening to what I was saying but kept repeating his information showed the installation date as 19/08/11


After 10 minutes I asked for the issue to be escalated so after a long hold thinking I had been cut off I heard another polite voice on the other end of the phone.


I was advised that he could see the installation date was 15/08/11 but there was also mention of 19/08/11 also?


At all times they were polite but the news was not good...can't do anything today but can call on Friday 19th if that is any good to me?


Not has cost me £300 in lost earnings to take today off.


He very politely said I could claim compensation but I said I was not looking to do so...all I wanted was my original installation date adhered to.


He contacted the Engineering Team but as expected there was notning they could do for me today.


He again told me BT would pay compensation that would amount to a months line rental...hardly compensation in my book.


I did ask him to email the details where it states 15/08/2011 but I guess that will prove nothing as it will only match what my Order Confirmation states in black & white and it won't be installed today in any case.


So...looks like I will have to take another day off on Friday in the hope that BT will stick to their promise this time...


'Come back to BT'


Yeah...great start BT...nothing changes then...still useless at what should be your core business after all these years.


Feel a little better now I've vented...sorry to bore you but thanks for listening!


To Infinity And Beyond...I would have settled just for Infinity...:)





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Re: BT

I'm beginning to think they'd have difficulty organising a drinks party in a beer factory too.

I've been trying to migrate telephone and broadband for well over a week now, I have not had the misfortune of being routed to the offshore calls centre yet but in all this time I have not had a single call back despite promises, no email, no text message (yes they have all my contact details), I spent so long on the (mobile) phone on two occasions that my boss came looking for me as he thought I'd disappeared, maybe it's just as well I have no order confirmation yet, they don't seem to even want new customers.

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Re: BT

After the first aborted attempt at my install, I was given the following number if I had any snags with the order:

***** ******.  This is answered by people with Scottish accents, usually within a few seconds.  So far they have been very helpful.  It is sales related, not techy.

All the best! Smiley Happy

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Re: BT

Wafu1, can you please remove that number from the public view on the forum, your given it out in confidence that you don't give it out yourself. Its the number thats used by Back Office specialised staff for fixing orders when they go wrong.

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Re: BT

It's a number in the public domain.

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Re: BT


I'm sorry but I don't understand why you are telling Wafu1 to remove the phone numberMan Surprised

Are you saying that nobody should know about any phone numbers that can help people who have problems??

Are they that secret ?????????? I thought the OP has a problem with BT not MI5,MI6,CIA or KGB or maybe I've got it wrong


iechyd da 

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Re: BT

Hi Glyn,


Sorry to hear of the problems you're having with your order. I can look into this if you want to see what's going on - if you fill out the "contact us" form (the link is in my profile under "about me") with your details I'll check out the order and get back to you as soon as I can.



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Re: BT

The number edited out of my last post was not given to me in confidence. It seems from my brief use of this forum so far, that there are an awful lot of customers and potential customers wanting answers/assistance with the BT service, who are not getting them (easily). 


Any company with any business sense will know that engaging with their customers is preferbale to ignoring them or hiding useful infomration from them.  I haven't been able to talk to a Tech person from BT regarding my order, as I haven't got Infinity yet, which is why I'm relying on asking the other forum members for their valuable advice.  Wouldn't it be far simpler to talk to someone (for about 2 mins) and come away a happy, satisfied customer?!


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Re: BT

I understand exactly where you are coming from but BT is not alone in this. VM is exactly the same and for the same reasons (I presume) and most likely most other ISP's.

The number you were given was to a small team who would not be able to be innundated with requests/quieries etc.


When they eventually realise that Bangalore Bob does nothing more than infuriate and distance their customers then they may change.


Then again the world will end tomorrow!



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Re: BT

 Its the number thats used by Back Office specialised staff for fixing orders when they go wrong.

I'd like to know why I have never been given that number then, it seems that BTs problems are mostly down to their size and they probably don't need any more customers making the situation worse.

I for one WILL be cancelling my order (if I ever actually manage to get an order confirmed after giving my BT installed line number, name, address, mobile number, email address, bank details, date of birth, mother's maiden name, MAC key etc several times over only to wait and wait while they check the system again then take the details yet again while they try it on another system eventually ending up just like a Little Britain sketch with 'Computer says 'No'').

Life's too short to spend hours at a time talking to BTs call centre staff while they 'fumble about' with non-cooperative systems and nobody seems to know how to actually get an order placed, by the time they get back to me the special offer will be finished anyway.

If they can't deal properly with people trying to order services then I can't see them ever dealing with problems once they have you locked in an 18 month contract.


BT are not the only company offering a Fibre based broadband to people using BT infrastructure so I'm taking my business elsewhere and will get the Fibre service that I desire but with a company that has a lot more idea of customer service.

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