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Re: BT

I had a cat6 already plugged into my Belkin N1 router and ready to just plug into the LAN1 port on the OR modem,but he refused to let me just plug it in,so I had to change all of my adapter settings on my PC[s] just so he could plug in the HH3 and test the line.
Although they do not object to us using our own stuff,it appears that the OR installer must use the supplied devices for the initial install.
Also if we have any probs after the install the HH3 must be plugged into the network or they say that they can charge for or refuse to check the install.

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Re: BT

Hi glynH unless you are very lucky the Openreach engineer will want to test the full system as that is part of their contract with BT retail you can of course change routers as soon as he/ she has left your home
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Re: BT

That's extremely odd, because OR are legally bound to operate independently from BT wholesale, the HH3 is part of the BT retail 'package', the BT OR engineer is only responsible for the connection up to the WAN port on the OR modem.  As OR are employed (on wholly equal status) by ISPs other than BT retail I doubt if they should be connecting HH3s and configuring things beyond the modem anyway.  Maybe this favoritism to their partner shold be reported to OFCOM?


To answer the previous post, you are obviously capable of connecting your preferred router to the modem, OR cannot refuse to check the install if you are not using the HH3, other ISPs using BT infrastructure do not use HH3 (it's not even available to them!) but if a problem occurs at any point up to the modem WAN port then it most definitely IS the responsibility of BT OR to fix.  Technically though you can only expect full support from BT retail if you are using the HH3 that they supply.

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Re: BT

On the package that the HH3 arrives in it clearly states "For Engineer Install Only,do not open this pack or install the contents yourself" or at least it had that on my HH3 parcel when it arrived.
So I quess the OR engineer has to install it as part of OR`s contract to install BT devices.?

What you do after the guy has done his job though is the customers choice.


And while on the subject of installing,I would like to point out that you are not the only guy on these forums who uses a different router or even a combined modem/router,and most of them also know how to install and setup thier own devices and networks.

I was merely pointing out that OR engineers [installers] have a set procedure to follow no matter how much experience the customer has.



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Re: BT's an update. Seems like my story has a happy ending.


OR Engineer called on Friday @2:00pm. I had already given him access by taking out the side modesty panel of my desk which hides the 3 BT sockets, PABX, UPS and various wireless modules for Siemens POTS phone, VoIP phone & Polycom etc.


He just changed the faceplate of one line from the existing BT ADSL->BT OR and plugged in his tester.


Both of us were amazed at seeing the full 40MB/10MB (well 9996KB) but he did say I wouldn't see the full speed which makes perfect sense but it was better than the Linetest I had done on the BT Infinity website where it estimated 32MB/7.5MB


I wasn't expecing this as my distance from the cabinet/exchange held back my O2 ADSL2+ from the advertised up to 24MB to 7MB/750KB respectively...


I told him I didn't want to use the HH3 which he was OK with so that stayed in its box. I had already run a Cat6 cable from my rack in the loft to the vDSL modem location.


He unboxed the HG612 modem which was a later type as earlier ones overheat apparently(!) plugged it in and asked me where I wanted it wall mounted. I said I would take care of that.


He asked me if I wanted the software installed on my PC to which I answered NOOOO!


I plugged in the Cat6 to the modem, opened up my web browser and logged into the Vigor2820Vn.


A quick peek at Online Status showed WAN2 to be connected and showing IP & Gateway addresses as I had configured it already thanks to some pointers on here & elsewhere.


Perfect for both of us as it was his last job on Friday afternoon and it only took him @ 10 minutes including 3 journeys to his van to pick up things he had forgotten so he had an early finish for a change.


Apparently Infinity is brand new here in Banbury and he thinks I would only have been about the 20th or 30th installation in the town. Best make hay while my contention is low then! 🙂


I did struggle with looking for a way to Load-Balance or give priority to WAN2 and posted on a few forums in what looked to be a vain attampt to set WAN2 as default as most of my traffic was still going down WAN1.


I want to keep WAN1 up as I have various remote services that use my O2 IP address for access etc.


Finally found a way last night by reading the DrayTek CLI Manual & finding a document on their US website and it appears that if you Telnet into the router you can issue the command 'ip route default wan2' to set the default routing.


Always worth issuing 'ip route default ?' before & after to see how it is confiigured pre & post changes.


Originally mine had no default route but after issuing the above command and then querying it it now reports its status as WAN2 - see here;


item 10 in the list: 'How to force all traffics (sic) going through WAN2 when both WANs on Vigor are active or here to download the .pdf;


A happy ending it would appear...just a pity that it cost me so much in time and money due to that missed appointment on Monday...:(


Apologies if I touched a nerve ironman123...your last paragraph seemed a little 'pointed' to say the least?


I would like to thank you guys here for your help and give special thanks to DeanM for chasing things up for me...there was still no sign of my order on the BT website and I was expecting the worst until I saw the OR van drive past my door on Friday afternoon...


Kind regards,


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Re: BT

Good news.... Smiley Happy


Just wish I was as knowledgable as you.... there's me thinking I was going to impress the OR engineer because I had already unpacked my HH3 and set up/wireless on my existing BT broadband. Thus saving him a bit of time.


Please Click On any Text in Blue as that automatically links to information.


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Re: BT

GlynH wrote:
"Apologies if I touched a nerve ironman123...your last paragraph seemed a little 'pointed' to say the least?"

Sorry Glyn,
I owe you an apology,as I wrongly thought that you were assuming that none of us were knowledgable about the install process.
Glad that it all worked for you in the end,but you were lucky to get an engineer who allowed you to overide the usual install process concerning the HH3 imho.
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Re: BT

OK here we are 15 months on from my original post regarding BT Infinity and the 'No Show' on that arranged installation date.

I make no apologies for resurrecting an old thread for continuity as here I am in a similar situation yet again.

As my first post explains the original Infinity installation which was scheduled for Mon 15/8/2011 was finally carried out on Fri 19/8

In addition to this and because of the hassle & financial hit due to my taking a wasted day off BT agreed to compensate me for the inconvenience caused by the failed appointment.

That along with the offer at the time of the first 3 months free sounded like I was quids in...:)

It was worth the wait and I enjoyed a couple of weeks of 40/10MB Internet access.

That September/October I was travelling extensively in Europe and after the first week away I was unable to logon to my system remotely.

I asked a friend to call round to reset my router thinking that was what was needed. That didn't work and I spent the rest of the trip without access to my system which caused me untold grief as I travel light and connect remotely to work.

On my return home a few weeks later I checked & found that BT had suspended my services because of an outstanding amount of £20?

Please bear in mind that I was only 2 months into my 3-months free offer and was also due reimbursement/compensation for the missed appointment on top of that and they were chasing me for £20?

I queried this and was told the charge was for the HH3 which I didn't want, never used and left sealed in its box. This was explained at the outset and I was told that a bag would be sent to me so I could send it back. Needless to say the promised bag never arrived.

On 27/10/11 00:49 I received an email telling me that my services would stop on 3/11 unless I paid an outstanding amount which now amounted to £135.64?

Under duress I paid the amount in full by online Bank Transfer 31/10 so as to beat the 3/11 deadline and get my service back.

I waited a few days but my service had not returned. No voice. No Infinity. Nothing.

When I rang and enquired I was told the service had actually been stopped 14/10 while I was still away predating receipt of the email notification by two weeks stating the aforementioned 3/11 cut-off date a week after that.

I was told someone would call me back to discuss what went wrong but you guessed called.

On 14/11 I had to place an order with BT to get my own line back with the same number & services to be reinstated to exactly the same level as before. No three months free this time...

I also explained I didn't need another HH3 posting as I didn't need one and in any case I still had the sealed one from the original Infinity install and could I return it?

Despite this another unwanted HH3 turned up on 16/11

On 18/11 I received an email telling me that my broadband service was now live and could be used. No engineer visit so chalk up another day off for nothing.

Sure enough voice had been activated but my router was still showing disconnected.

When I rang that same Friday to query why some checks were carried out on my line and I was assured the service was live. It wasn't.

Then the penny dropped. Despite my asking and BT agreeing to provide a duplication of my services with Infinity it looked like they had given me normal ADSL instead.

I rang and explained what I thought the situation might be.

Incredibly I was told that Infinity was not available in my area!

I explained that Infinity had been installed previously but I was told I must be mistaken(!) as it was not available to my postcode or telephone number.

I was told someone would call me back but as per usual no-one did.

I left it over the weekend and tried again Monday.

How frustrating to keep getting put through to Bangalore Bill when all I want to do is explain to the correct department the situation so they can action it.

Once again I was told someone would call me back and I even got them to read my telephone number back to me and verify my email address but it was a waste of time as true-to-form no-one ever did call me back.

I just gave up and let that telephone line retreat into the distance never to be used again. It was a dedicated fax line which never got much use anyway but that's not the point.

Over the last 12 months I have received many mail shots from BT about signing up for Infinity that I have ignored. However a recent one said that the speed had doubled and was now 80/20

As I have two lines left into the house I decided I would give it another go.

I placed an order last Tue 13/11 and was given a date of Tue 20/11 and a time of 1-6pm for the install.

I explained that I didn't need a HH3 as I already have two brand new ones still sitting unused & sealed in their boxes and I won't be using it anyway.

My third HH3 arrived Mon 19th <sigh>

Well it got to 3:45 yesterday 20th and no sign of BT so I rang the number given on the order because I had a bad feeling.

After the usual queuing stack I got through to the 'correct' department who asked me for the order number. The order quite plainly states Order Number beginning with a 'Z' but I was told this was the wrong order number and it begins with 'VOL012-'
Clear as mud and why BT have to use two order numbers God only knows.

Anyway after submitting the 'correct' order number and repeating my name, address & postcode I was put through through to another 'correct' department and asked to repeat order number, name & address once again.

I was advised that yes, the Engineer would be with me today and not to worry because there was plenty of time left...yeah right. It was already getting dark outside.

I sat & waited some more.

The phone rang at was the engineer from MJ Quinn who told me that job (along with seven others) only turned up in his Inbox at 3:30 today so obviously he couldn't make it. Obviously...but I had booked it and received confirmation a week ago.

I asked when he might be able to reschedule but he said that he didn't know and it probably wouldn't be him who got the job anyway.

Once again I rang the number on the order. After the usual trawl around the queuing system I gave my details to BB. He said he would have to put me through to the right department and so I was put on hold and transferred only to have to give my details again.

I explained as politely as I could and was transferred to a third 'correct' department and asked to repeat the same information yet again.

I have now been told by Lynne that someone will call me back by 8pm to arrange another installation date of possibly Thursday or Friday this week.

I'm not holding my breath...

Was I just born unlucky or does anybody else have this sort of hassle with BT?

I wish Virgin cable was available in my area...

I need to get this off my chest and it is really annoying that every email I get from BT in general & Warren Buckley in particular is unmonitored so no chance of replying.


Thanks for listening!


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