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BT3560 Internal Calls

Hi, just purchased BT3560 Quad home phones. On setting up all showed as ‘Handset1,2,3 or 4” so, according to manual, it appears that all have been successfully registered to the base unit as a factory standard. On pressing the *Int button an asterisk shows on screen and I’ve then tried pressing one of the other handset numbers, both with and without zero in front eg 1 & 01. Then pressing the call button gets the same response each time “sorry your call cannot be connected at present”. Anybody got any suggestions for resolving issue? Thanks. 

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Re: BT3560 Internal Calls

Sorry should also have said. Having read another post I have tried searching the saved contacts for the other handsets. All I could find outside of my own contact entries was  “1Hotkey”, 2Hotkey” and “..............”. Don’t know if that helps? 

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