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Re: BT6500 not ringing all handsets

See my post above on 13/03. This is clearly an issue with the use of International block which in my case not only sent 01 and 02 numbers to the answerphone but also some Mobile numbers. The helpdesk has not been any help with this and I have resorted to removing the International block which has cured the problem.


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Re: BT6500 not ringing all handsets

I am on my second set of BT6500 telephones.  The first set blocked mobile calls when I blocked international calls.  Now I have the problem of not all handsets ringing.  I contacted the Help Desk.  They suggested disconnecting the base unit from the power supply and the telephone line and removing the handset batteries for 30 minutes which I did.  This did resolve the problem but only  for 24 hours.  There does seem to be a problem with this particular model of telephone.  I am seriously thinking of returning them as being unfit for purpose. This seems to be the only solution

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Re: BT6500 not ringing all handsets

Hi guys,


Sorry you're having problems with this.


If the phone is still incorrectly identifying calls as international, ould you send in the following details via our web form to help us get this investigated further?


- Your BT account details (these are asked in the web form by default, please include both your account number and telephone number);

- Network provider (for incorrectly blocked mobile calls);
- What other types calls (apart from mobile calls) are affected, if any?


You can get our web form by clicking on my username, it's under "About me" in my profile page.





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Re: BT6500 not ringing all handsets

My 6500's keep losing the link with the base unit, and also keeps thinking there has been a power cut, check date and time. I have changed the batteries, and It's still happens.
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Re: BT6500 not ringing all handsets

I suggest you contact Stephanie (one of the mods) as per post

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Re: BT6500 not ringing all handsets

I have exactly the same problem with mobiles and other numbers sometimes ring and sometimes do not. The phone system is therefore pretty useless. The helpdesk has suggested resetting all the phones which seems to work briefly but some time later the phones will not ring.

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Re: BT6500 not ringing all handsets

I've just been sent another set of phones . We'll see what happens
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Re: BT6500 not ringing all handsets

Hi everyone,


I just wanted to let you know that we are still looking into this for you and will post another message once we have a bit more info.  Sorry for the delay.





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Re: BT6500 not ringing all handsets

My disabled elderly neighour bought a 6500 as she was plagued by nuisance calls. Sadly she has the same problem with with handset not ringing most of the time. I have been onto the helpline and tried their various solution with no luck. They have now given me a reference number for the phone to be replaced.


Is this just a problem with some phones? In other words is it worth getting a replacement.


The other problem is she has now taken quite poorly so can't be left without a phone. Is it possible Bt would send out a replacement and then I send the original back?


Thanks for any feedback.

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Re: BT6500 not ringing all handsets

It's certainly worth trying a replacement, but you would need to ask the supplier whether they would send another pending return of the suspect one. If that's not possible you can get a corded phone from Argos for a few pounds. Always worth having as a spare in case of a power cut.

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