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BT8500 Quad set

My Handsets are now only ringing once before going to answer machine. The person making the calls hears the ringing out tone 4 times but it is not ringing on the handsets. This makes it almost impossible to get to the phone in time. It only happens to calls especially mobiles that are already in the phone book. The ringtone is different to the one that they are set at as they only ring out once. Callers not in phone book are able to get through call guardian as normal. I have tried several times to get it back to factory reset but it will does not make any difference . Even switching off and removing batteries and waiting 30 mimutes the problem is still there.  An anybody please help .


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Re: BT8500 Quad set

Hi @Erniebear,

See page 40 of the user guide on how to set the number of rings before the answer machine cuts in.

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Re: BT8500 Quad set

Thank you but I have already done this and extended it to the longest rings but it doesnt make any difference. I would like to reset it but that just doesn’t work either.


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Re: BT8500 Quad set

@Erniebear that must be a pain, it sounds like the phones are faulty as the factory reset should be changing all the settings back to default. I'd recommend you get in touch with the BT8500 product help desk via email or on 0800 145 6789 Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.30pm, Saturday 9am to 2pm

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Re: BT8500 Quad set

Many thanks emailed BT but the reply came back that they no longer support this model . They are about 3 years old but apart from the ringing problem until recently worked fine. The Out of warranty phone number which BT give you charges premium rate and just suggested going back to factory settings. So no help at all. 


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