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BT8500 Trio : CallGuardian won't work

Before I say anything I'd like to point out I'm very tech savvy lol!

Bought this for my mum and plugged it in on Boxing day. Just set it up with the basic ringer options, caller list etc to give her a chance to familiarise herself with the phone. I'd set her up with BT's Caller ID in December.

So today I turned on Call Guardian, did all the settings. Pretty simple. Then tried calling the phone from a mobile that wasn't listed in the address book. When I dialled, a message on screen said 'Conditional Forwarding Activated'. It didn't ring out on the mobile - it just hung up the call with no announcement. The home phone didn't ring either. Then tried again using my mobile which is listed in the address book. Same thing happened - couldn't get through! Tried both the Announce setting and the Custom setting. It won't announce, accept, send to answering machine when in Call Guardian mode. Nothing gets through or asked to announce who they are (using the built in default announce message). There is also no Call Forwarding on my mum's account - I've double checked that.

I've spent 2 hours going through the instruction manual with a fine tooth comb & can find nothing that helps.

Anyone have any ideas or do I have a faulty product?

Thank you!
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Re: BT8500 Trio : CallGuardian won't work

Have you checked to see that caller display has actually been activated, any you can see the incoming number when somebody calls?

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Re: BT8500 Trio : CallGuardian won't work

Yes it's activated and the caller's name & number show on the phone's dsplay
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Re: BT8500 Trio : CallGuardian won't work

Excuse not being able to answer the problem but I also have a similar problem with BT8500 Trio!

We have spent hours trying to resolve this, the Supplier even providing a replacemnt Base Unit.

We have been through the manual several times, carried all suggested re-booting, battery removals, etc.,


The only time Call Guardian works is to an unknown landline number followed by answerphone cutting in after 4 rings.

With Answerphone 'On' known landlines and mobiles do not trigger answerphone to record a message.  Unknown mobiles do not trigger Call Guardian or Answerphone.  So Friends and Family cannot leave a message.


The Supplier has offered to take it all back but where does that get us?  We wanted Call Guardian.


Appreciate a solution.

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