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Re: BT8500 - call guardian enabled - phone doesnt ring if user is in contacts.

Surprise Surprise, BT didnt call back

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Re: BT8500 - call guardian enabled - phone doesnt ring if user is in contacts.

I've just installed our three new BT8500 handsets and I'm stumped by the fact the phones don't ring.


I've done a full reset, I've checked each phone has a ring tone and a volume of 4 but whenever a call comes in the 4th phone (attached to a wall) is the only one that rings.


Before anyone suggests it, I've tried disconnecting that phone and no luck with the phones actually ringing so you have an idea someone has called you - what a magical idea!


I decided to google and look for answers and I'm somewhat concerned with the amount of posts about the phones not working effectively.


I then tried to call BT only to be told all of their agents were busy and to call back at another time and then the line cut off.


Disappointing to say the least!

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Re: BT8500 - call guardian enabled - phone doesnt ring if user is in contacts.

I bought the BT8500 three phone system because of the number of unsolicited calls we were experiencing. The phones worked wonderfully for the first 3 weeks but then the phones stopped ringing even though calls were showing as missed calls. I called my home number from my mobile, I can hear the phone ringing and ringing, no answerphone kicked in even though it was switched on. My friends tell me that the phone just rings and rings their end when they ring too. I reset to factory settings and it worked again until I re-entered all my contacts into the phone book and we had the same problem again. I returned the phones to the shop I bought them from, set up the new phones and nope, same problem again. As soon as a number entered into the contacts list, the phones stop ringing. 

I Googled this problem and am disappointed to see that this is a common fault with many people reporting the same problem. I am returning the phones and getting another phone but not BT - it has put me off buying anything from BT again. They need to get this problem sorted. 

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Re: BT8500 - call guardian enabled - phone doesnt ring if user is in contacts.

There are several threads on this as we had the same problem.

However one thread has the solution, so in the interest of saving everyone else 6 hours of trying to find the answer here it is

I've also registered specifically to post this, how kind am I?


I've pasted it as below



Hold the star key 2 seconds then again till the ringer comes on, then take out the batteries and replace (the back slides downwards, because YES, that too isn't in the manual!!


The BT8500 Answer Phone has a handset 'Ringer Off' option, by pressing the * key for 2 Seconds, a message confirms this with 'Ringer Off' on the display and then a 'musical note + X' icon permanently on the display, when in this mode pressing 'Volume' also displays 'Ringer off', However if you press * for 2 seconds again, the 'Ringer On' message displayed on the display, means nothing because the ringer is still off, try the 'Volume' again and the ringer doesn't make a sound. The only way to re-enable the ringer is to remove the handset batteries. A help desk guy on 0800 145 6789 said this is not a bug, it's just the way it works, W H A T ! ! !, you have got to be joking, a phone that doesn't ring when it is supposed to is a useless piece of plastic, come on BT this needs fixing immediately. If you have this problem please complain on the 0800 number above

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