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BT8500 with Call Guardian problems

I have read that setting up these phones can be really frustrating, however I received my twin BT 8500 phones yesterday and have added all the contacts to enable these callers to get right through. Firstly, some could get through (correctly) without the Announce function intercepting the call, others get the Announce interception. Several minutes later, ones that got through cant, and vice versa.

Then, I could not receive or make calls as the green light on the front was continually flashing. There is a lack of troubleshooting instruction in the booklet re this, and the only thing that told me the line was in use, was that it said so on the display.

I had BT check the line, and it returned that the line was ok and that there was a problem with the phone.

My Caller Display is working perfecty, and I replaced the BT8500`s as a test with my old phones, and the line and Caller Display are both working perfectly.


I have followed the instructions to the letter (I have previously set up a relative`s BT 8500 phones without problem, but my new ones are perplexing me.


Having just received them yesterday as "manufacturer refurbished", I suspect they may me faulty.


Anyone else have this problem? Thanks




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Re: BT8500 with Call Guardian problems

Returned the phones as faulty. The poor instructions and the lack of any input from this forum did`nt help either !

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