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BT8610 Advice needed

Hi All

I have a BT8610 with call guardian.

I recently moved away from BT to a provider that uses BT wholesale so technically still with BT in the background.

When my phone line and broadband were transferred out, we realised that my landline was acting strange.

Call Guardian was still in place but

1) when people call my landline, it rings 4 times at their end before it makes a noise in my house

2) the ring tone has changed from a normal ring ring to a continuous ring and its not a different one for a VIP caller verses a not recognised number

I have reset the handset, powered it all down and left it unplugged but that didnt change anything

i have tried an analogue phone in the socket and that rang immediately when called.

Has anyone got any clues as the new Provider doesnt know whats causing this?


thanks in advance 

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Re: BT8610 Advice needed


Perhaps you do not have caller display anymore?

Also, its Openreach not BT Retail that look after the external network, and they would have connected to your new provider, unless you are now with Virgin Media. If you are, then their exchange equipment is totally different, and you would need to speak to them for advice, or post on their forum.


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Re: BT8610 Advice needed

no we arent with Virgin Media but a local communications company who are a BT wholesaler, who have taken it on along with the business i run and added caller display to the landline at home .
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