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BTCare Community Newsletter Issue 2

Signature forum.jpg BTCare Community Newsletter

Issue 2


Solutions and Thanks over the last fortnight


Here are some of the forum’s top contributors in terms of solutions and kudos given and received.


Some forum members have declined to be mentioned, but you know who you are! Heartfelt thanks from the forum team goes to you and all of the members below:


Solutions authored: @Keith_Beddoe 

Kudos received: @john46 and @ray_dorset 

Kudos given: @john46 


Well done guys!


Our picks

Tethering on BT Mobile

Tethering isn’t supported on BT Mobile and there has been a lot of discussion over this last fortnight about this. Thanks @snowglider for starting this conversation.


Software update for BT YouView customer

Last week, we started to roll out a software update for BT YouView customers. If you’ve already received the update, we want to hear your feedback! So please join in with the conversation here.


Some of our most searched topics were...

About Desktop Help.


Information on what it does, how you can download it and a video-overview is available here.


Another top search was for finding out how you can test your broadband speeds.


You can run this test to get information on what speed you’re achieving and advice if the test picks up any problems. Of course, you can always ask for additional help on our broadband boards!


Forum feature of the week - tagging


You may have noticed that you can use a feature called “Tags” on forum posts.


Tags are a handy way of categorising or summarising content – they help posters quickly find relevant information when they are searching for something specific.


Over 450 posts have been tagged so far this year!


The top five tags used this year are mostly all broadband related, which is unsurprising since our broadband boards are the busiest at the moment, and they are:








Find out more on how you can tag your posts here.


That’s it for now…


Thanks to everyone who replied to our previous newsletter. We’re trying to do something a little bit different, and as always your comments and suggestions are very much appreciated!

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Re: BTCare Community Newsletter Issue 2

I am sorry I did not find it at all useful. This is a strange forum with mods acting in an unusual mode, on most forums they merely reject posts that are unacceptable. Here they are problem solvers of problems that they should not have to be as BT as a company should have a more efficient way of being contacted and solving problems.

Perhaps a campaign bring back the GPO is needed and BT should concentrate on communications and not all the other garbage.

Distinguished Guru
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Re: BTCare Community Newsletter Issue 2

I think perhaps you should understand that this is much more than the usual type of forum. It is a community. It also part of the BT customer service options. It is an excellent place for help and information and finding solutions.

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Re: BTCare Community Newsletter Issue 2

if you look at other ISP's forums you will see they are very similar as they are community forums
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Re: BTCare Community Newsletter Issue 2

I stand by what I said, BT should have a more effective way of dealing with customer's problems. I certainly do not think that the average customer would come here for BT support.


A good 90% of posts are those that should have been sorted by BT through the normal contact methods. I am not complaining about the mods they do an excellent job but should not be needed. They could be better employed running the BT customer service as no one else seems to care.


Back to the newsletter, info on changes to email etc may be useful together with the latest date for the possible changeover to "BT Mail". I can't remember how long ago I got rid of my Filters and disposable addresses as we were told the change over would be "soon" and we were told they would not carry over and we would have to set them up again after change over. 


I have now put them all back so I expect to log in one morning and have lost the lot.

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Re: BTCare Community Newsletter Issue 2

Hi Bob . i had a problem commenting on articles ,due to something I ticked at some point during some article. Took me 12 months to find these forums , but credit where it's due , the moderators solve it within 12 hours , However BTs customer service is abysmal all over their site , unless you want to buy something

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