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BTCare Community Newsletter Issue 20

BTCare Community Newsletter Issue 20

Whats new at BT?

BT Sport is making the 2016 UEFA Champions League final the most social sports broadcast ever by live-streaming the match on YouTube and breaking new ground across social media. Read all about it from here, Champions League final the most social sports broadcast ever

BT unveiled ambitious plans to bring its BT Sport channels to millions of additional sports fans through a range of digital channels. These include social media, mobile and digital TV. See the full story here, Matches within reach of millions of additional fans who do not yet subscribe to BT Sport.

BT today announced a further wave of investment to help the UK remain the leading digital nation in the G20. See the full story here, BT to invest billions more on fibre, 4G and customer service

Whats showing on BTTV?

Leo vs bad men, beasts and brutal nature in The Revenant
Leonardo DiCaprio deservedly bagged a best actor Oscar for this award-laden adventure that will have you camped on the edge of your seat. Watch the trailer here, Revenant trailer

Buckle up for the all-new, supercharged Top Gear
The wait is over, as Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc host the hotly anticipated comeback of the planet’s hottest motoring show. Read more here, Top Gear

The Good Dinosaur
Pixar pulls out another breathtaking, heartbreaking and captivating animated treat. Pint-sized caveboy Spot and cuddly Apatosaurus Arlo embark on an epic adventure to get home, learning valuable life lessons and proving Neanderthals and dinosaurs COULD be friends – if they hadn’t both gone extinct. Watch the trailer here, The Good Dinosaur trailer

Community hot topics

The most discussed thread in the month of May was around BT's recent announcement of a price rise. There is no surprise that this thread attracted quite a bit of discussion. The full thread can be viewed from here, ANOTHER above inflation price increase from BT

You can check how the price change will affect you and the service you get from BT from our price change checker. All you need to do is insert your account number and telephone number into the relevant field on this link, Price change checker

Community News

Accepted solutions indicate answers to questions or issues posted on the forum. Its a great way to highlight that you have received the correct answer to your posts. Last month we had 338 post marked as the accepted solution. Well done to the authors of these solutions

Our community sees quite a bit of traffic from people just visiting. Last month we had just over 518,000 unique visitors. Hopefully these visitors found the answer they were looking for

This month we have also exceeded 128000 members

Stories you may have missed on news?

Remembering a little bird called Buzby - star of BT adverts
One of the UK’s best loved little birds fluttered into our lives 40 years ago this month. Read the full artilce here, Remembering a little bird called Buzby

How BT can help your loved ones
Do you know or look after somebody who is elderly, ill or disabled? For peace of mind, you can make sure they can use our products easily with our range of services designed for them. Read the full article here, We know that some of our customers need extra support

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