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BTCare Community Newsletter Issue 21

BTCare Community Newsletter Issue 20

Whats new at BT?

BT launches Smart Hub with UK’s most powerful wi-fi signal. The powerful new Smart Hub is packed with technology to help you enjoy faster wi-fi with fewer dropped connections, throughout your home. Read more about it, BT Launches new Smart Hub

BT Sport extends exclusively live Bundesliga coverage BT Sport has signed a new deal to show exclusively live German Bundesliga football in the UK and Republic of Ireland until 2021. More on this story here, BT Sport exclusively live German Bundesliga football

Whats showing on BTTV?

Savour star-studded spy-com Grimsby
Sacha Baron Cohen, Mark Strong and Rebel Wilson add star-wattage to this gloriously silly and super raucous spy-com. Read more about his wacky comedy here, The Brothers Grimsby

Hold on tight for edge-of-the-seat action in BT TV Store
Aaron Paul, Ryan Reynolds, and Mark Wahlberg are among the stars supercharging our pick of the best action-packed movies. Read the list here, Action movies available now in BT TV Store

Catch great movies for kids of all ages
From rousing reboots of classic tales to all-new animated adventures, we’ve got a feast of great kids’ films in BT TV Store. See just some of the kids films available, Movies for kids of all ages

Community hot topics

BT have launched the newest addition to the BT Home hub range. The new BT Smart hub has instigated a massive conversation on the community. Here you will find comments from customers who have taken delivery of our new hub. Full thread can be accessed from here, HH5 replacement - New BT Smart Hub

BT Email issue - We would like to apologies to all customers who have found themselves stuck in a login loop when trying to access their BT email account. Some customers have reported that upon trying to access their email account they are directed to enter their username and password again. The cause of this is currently being investigated. The main thread on the community discussing this issue can be found here, Locked out of bt email - stuck in a loop

Community News

Accepted solutions indicate answers to questions or issues posted on the forum. Its a great way to highlight that you have received the correct answer to your posts. Last month we had 331 post marked as the accepted solution. Well done to the authors of these solutions

Our community sees quite a bit of traffic from people just visiting. Last month we had just over 611,000 unique visitors. Hopefully these visitors found the answer they were looking for

Stories you may have missed on news?

Facebook user? Watch out for a virus threat from fake notification emails
Users of the social network are being urged to exercise caution if they receive an email claiming to be a Facebook notification about being tagged in a post. Read all about it here, Virus threat

Worried about privacy? Protect your webcam with these simple steps
Webcams may give you a window on the world, but they also offer criminals a window into your private life. Here’s what you can do to stop yours being hijacked. Read more here, Protect your web cam

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