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BTCare Community Newsletter Issue 22

BTCare Community Newsletter Issue 22

Whats new at BT?

Speaking Clock celebrates its 80th birthday on July 24 2016

Britain’s famous Speaking Clock celebrates its 80th birthday on July 24, 2016. Now a national institution and part of Britain’s heritage, the Speaking Clock was the first of the pre-recorded information services in the UK, provided through telephones. Read more here, At the third stroke, BT's speaking clock will be 80 years old

Wayne Rooney’s testimonial
BT Sport will broadcast Wayne Rooney’s testimonial match live between his boyhood club Everton and the club he now captains, Manchester United, BT Sport to broadcast Wayne Rooney Testimonial exclusively live

Whats showing on BTTV?

Fear the Walking dead returns on Monday, 22nd August @ 9PM
Fear the Walking Dead unleashes thrilling Comic-Con trailer: Watch the full video here, Fear the Walking Dead trailer

Mr Robot: The best new US drama of the year
Christian Slater and Rami Malek are the stars in this incredible Golden Globe-winning show, which has been described by critics as a “modern classic”, 5 reasons you must watch

Have some furry family fun with Disney's Zootropolis
Investigate animal antics with the kids in this buddy cop caper now available in BT TV Store. Zootropolis

Community hot topics

BT had a network issue on the 20th and 21st of July. This affected a number of customers which posted on our community about the issue. Thankfully BT were able to fully resolve the issue within around 30 hours. The problem has not reoccured as it was fully fixed. The discussion thread about this issue can be viewed from here, bt dns issues southwest

BT Email issue - We would like to apologies to all customers who have found themselves stuck in a login loop when trying to access their BT email account. Some customers have reported that upon trying to access their email account they are directed to enter their username and password again. The cause of this is currently being investigated. The main thread on the community discussing this issue can be found here, Locked out of bt email - stuck in a loop

Community News

Accepted solutions indicate answers to questions or issues posted on the forum. Its a great way to highlight that you have received the correct answer to your posts. Last month we had 363 post marked as the accepted solution. Well done to the authors of these solutions

Our community sees quite a bit of traffic from people just visiting. Last month we had just over 567,412 unique visitors. Hopefully these visitors found the answer they were looking for

Stories you may have missed on news?

Openreach to be more independent and transparent
BT confirmed it has volunteered significant governance changes to further increase the independence and transparency of its local network business Openreach, Read the full story here, BT volunteer significant governance changes

BT’s 100% Sport campaign
encourages fans of all sports to take action to tackle climate change and make small changes in their daily lives to be more sustainable. Learn more about the 100% Sport campaign here, BT 100% Sport

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