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BTCare Community Newsletter Issue 3

Signature forum.jpg BTCare Community Newsletter

Issue 3


Solutions and Thanks over the last fortnight


Here are some of the forum’s top contributors in terms of solutions, kudos given and received.


Top solutions authored: @Keith_Beddoe and @john46 

Most kudos received: @john46 


A special mention goes out to @rarmitage124 for being one of the top kudoed forum members that isn’t a CL or a Guru.


Most kudos given: @john46 and @licquorice 


Some forum members have decided not to be mentioned, but thanks to all of you!


Our picks


Microsoft Silverlight on Google Chrome

A few posts have popped up over the last week about customers no longer being able to watch BT web players on Google Chrome. The BT web players require the Microsoft Silverlight browser plug-in. Google Chrome no longer supports Microsoft Silverlight on Macs, and soon won't be supported on PCs.


If you're having problems viewing BT Sport, BT Purchases or BT TV Everywhere through Google Chrome, please use a different browser or the apps. Please check this article for more information on Microsoft Silverlight and Google Chrome.


One of the most searched topics this fortnight was...


About BT Access Control.


BT Access Control lets you set times when certain devices on the home network can't connect to the internet.


If this sounds like something that would be useful, there is an article on how to set it up.


Forum feature of the week – Help with starting a new thread


We have recently changed how you can view posts in a particular forum category, and there has been some confusion recently on how forum members can start a new thread.


If you go to a category (e.g. Broadband, BT TV, etc), you can either select a board (e.g. “Other Broadband Queries”) or view a list of all the posts within that category.


If you choose to do the latter, you will be able to view and reply to threads, but not start a new conversation. This is because you need to be in the relevant board before you can post.


More info is available here. Thanks once again to @AjayK48 for bringing this to our attention.


That’s it for now…


We hope everyone has a great week, and we look forward to seeing you around the boards!

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