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BTCare Community Newsletter Issue 6

Signature forum.jpg BTCare Community Newsletter

Issue 6


Solutions and Thanks over the last fortnight


Here are some of the forum’s top contributors in terms of solutions and kudos over the last few weeks.


@umpire has returned as a top poster in terms of kudos received, and is joined by @licquorice for kudos received and solutions given, along with our CLs.


A special mention also goes out to @Ectophile as a top kudoed author as well!


Thanks to all of you and everyone else that continues to offer and also recognise great advice and information. 


And speaking of helpful posts...


We have added a section at the bottom of each board showing the latest solutions and top-rated posts.

Newsletter 6 1.png


This is another way of making it easier for posters to find the advice they are looking for.


Our picks

BT’s Ultra HD YouView box


BT recently announced a new Ultra HD channel and upcoming YouView+ Ultra HD box, and @jam2000 has started a discussion about it.


Why not join the conversation and share your thoughts!


One of the most searched topics this fortnight was...


About the BT8500.      Newsletter 6 2.png


This is a new range of handsets designed to block up to 100% of nuisance calls. Some product information is available in our help pages and it can be bought online on the BT Shop.


If you have a query about this handset (or indeed any other phone from BT), do post any questions in our Phone board.


If however you need help specific to nuisance calls, please do check out our advice on what you can do to help with this.


In particular, if you have a family member, a friend, or know of someone who is vulnerable or elderly, check out the ‘Think Jessica’ campaign at, which we also previously highlighted in the community.


Forum feature of the week – How to deal with spam on the forum


Occasionally, someone (usually a brand new poster) will come along and start submitting posts advertising a product or service. Spam can also be defined as the same message being posted over and over again.


We have put together some advice on what to do if you believe you have come across spam posts in our community.


That’s it for now…


We hope everyone has had a chance to to enjoy some good weather over the last few weeks!


See you all around the boards.

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