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BTCloud newbie - deleting files question

I have only just activated my BT CLOUD this week for 500gb storage capacity which seems very sweet when Ive been using G-Drive all the time with a mere 15gb which I thought was decent despite already maxing out over 6 google accounts .... please dont judge me for not paying any upgrading subscriptions!



OK,  my main device is Windows 8.1 tablet and I will connect other devices once I am confident with BTCloud. 


I'm familiar with G-drive however I do have a basic question that I hope you guys can help with. With GDrive, once I have uploaded any files or folders, I can delete these files from my computer knowing they are securely stored on their cloud and if/when I ever need to have these files restored back to my PC, I can simply download them back....


...its an easy process.


Now here comes the newbie dumb style issue... So I figure I can make good use with BTCloud's 500gb and be able to store/sync/backup my files all in one clean pretty place. Right? 


Surely I must be right however as I'm working around BTC to familiarise myself with the features, I've uploaded files via the BTC windows explorer folder, I've dragged & dropped directly into the BTC desktop app, I've uploaded by browsing for the files via the web version and I've right clicked on the files to choose 'copy to BTC' fron the drop down menu.


This has all worked out very well and extremely fast! But I seem to only be able to keep a file on BTC as long as I keep it on my PC too. It seems to be the same whether I opt to upload, sync or backup.


Because my windows tablet is only 32gb, the convience of a cloud drive is vital for me and G-Drive has been good to me by storing my files and allowing me to free up my C Hard Drive space.


What am I missing as it must be obvious as surely this should be one of the main features of all decent cloud services right? However I'm very confused as the more I research BTC the more mixed answers I come across with the most recent info that BTCLOUD will only mirror what is stored on my device, technically making copies of the chosen files and then copying everything I do to these files to keep the mirroring as real as poss and in real time.


If that is the case then I will only find BTC handy as a solid backup system and as an efficient method to share files with the rest of the household using BTC like a central family external hard drive. Oh and then go old skool and continue with G-Drive.


Sorry I waffled so much here...and big thanks if you are still with me here!  I think I could have simply shortened this post to 2 lines of: How do I permanently delete files from my device AND still have them stored, available and accessible on BTCLOUD?

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Re: BTCloud newbie - deleting files question

Before I forget again, another reason why this is important to me is that I will be buying a new computer in 2 months time and plan to sell my tablet in advance which I will wipe clean with a full factory reset. There will be a transition period between the reset and the computer purchase of around 2 weeks and I am now under tbe impression that the reset will be mirrored in BTC and it will either:


A. BTC will have nothing to sync as the original device files wont exist anywhere so will my files also dissapear too?


B. I manage to suss this out and resolve this by being able to delete the original files and still have BTC store them. There is no time limit for BTC files to just spontanously combust if BTC is not accessed, right?


Also, I can only seem to load the BTC web version on IE which I never use. On chrome browser I can log in, get to the next page of accepting the T&Cs, then it loads the header banner and gives me the eye boggling buffering circles that never seems to sort itself out. I've even given it a full hour without leaving or changing the tab, I've tried it with a different chrome user, I've restarted the system with a reboot twice and still chrome doesn't like it. However I can load everything else like this BT forum.


I'm just not a fan of Internet Explorer.


Heres hoping these are just newbie issues and tbat BTCloud really is as good as they say... well, a few say..

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Re: BTCloud newbie - deleting files question

Hi there,

There is an easy way to do what you're looking for. BT Cloud has two backup modes; firstly there is the 'Sync Folder', which is what you've been using. This is a 'live sync' folder between all the devices you have connected to BT Cloud, and if you delete a file from inside the BT Cloud Sync Folder then this reflects on all your devices.

What you're looking for is the 'Folder Backup' option. this allows you to mark folders on your computer to backup, and BT Cloud will monitor them and automatically sync up any new or modified files. With this option you can delete files from your computer, and they'll be kept safe in BT Cloud. To use this option:
1) Open the BT Cloud control panel
2) Go to the 'backup' tab
3) Add the folders you want backed up by clicking 'add folder'

You can find full instructions on our BT Cloud user manual here:

Hope you enjoy using the service 🙂
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