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BTHub Boosting

Hello, I live in part of an annex house setup, and the signal doesn't reach into the "barn", we have 2 lines going into the property, at the same section, one has become far too expensive, so we're dropping it and sticking with BT.


Previous setup:



This rough diagram shows the annex setup. Blue is the other isp, and green is BT. I also put the rings to represent the reach of the signal.


Have available:

- 2 x 50m CAT6 external grade cables.

- 1 x BT Home Hub 3.0

- 2 x BT Business Hub 3.0

- 1 x "Other" router -- can't remember brand.

- 1 x Misc wireless booster (plug, with ethernet socket for internet connection, which boosts by creating a new wireless network)


I've currently changed it to (a) is a BTHomeHub3 so range of (a) is good, with good speed etc.

(b) meanwhile, uses the 50m cable and connect a lan port from (a) plugged into a BTBusinessHub3 lan port, and is set to bridge mode.

(b) has issues with connectivity though. It doesn't seem to be an issue with IP conflicts as there's no popup and issues like that, when the connection works, (b) is reasonable speeds etc, however it'll drop out every 30 minutes and not work for an hour.


I tried changing both of the router settings so that:

(a😞 Router IP is:, with the IP ranges being from -, and subnet mask being

(b😞 Router IP is:, with IP Ranges being from -, and subnet mask being, then Bridging mode enabled (I know that then ignores the IP Ranges).


Using the wireless booster, works fine, and again -- good speed, connectivity etc. However it's a very basic booster without any extra lan ports, which are used quite regularly.


In an ideal world I feel the BT Hubs can sync perfectly, so I feel I'm missing something.

I've had a brief search and the only issues I can seemingly find is that people have a spare different branded router, I would prefer to use BT Hubs only is possibe.


Thanks for reading,

Regards, Oscar.



PS: Also just to clarify: I have PCs, Macs, TVs, and phones connecting to the network, so custom software isn't ideal.

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Re: BTHub Boosting

this is help pages done by CL Keith which I think you may find helpfull

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Re: BTHub Boosting

"Sorry - You must be connected to BT Broadband or the BT network to use this website.
This is a private website for the benefit of BT Broadband customers who use the 
BT Customer Support Community
website, and is not connected with BT.

If you are visiting this site from a BT Broadband or BT Corporate connection, and are getting this message,
then please contact me via the BT Community forum, and tell me the date and time of your attempt.
Keith Beddoe"


At work at the moment, I'll check it out later thank you.

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Re: BTHub Boosting

No, that was no help unfortunately, still having issues with this.
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Re: BTHub Boosting

There was a link on my website showing some BT solutions.

BT Connected Home


Or you could connect two home hub together.

Link BT two home Hub 3s together and extend your wireless to another location.

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