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BTHub6 (Smart Hub) As WiFi Extender or AP (Access Point) & HH5.

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Alright people!


I know some people are staying away of using the HH6 because of the bugs and trhe glitches in the firmware, but its just such a shame to have a expensive and powerful router sitting there gathering dust.


Im writing this post for anyone interested in Setting up a Homehub6 as a Wireless AP, or a Extender on a already configured network. As you know, the homehub6 doesnt have a WAN port, putting some people off setting it up as a Extender/AP, ive known how to do this for a while and theres probably already been a post about this, but i wanted to share my personal steps on how i do it.


Even though the HH's do not use the WAN socket to extend onto the network, there is another socket you can use.


I have tested this works via HH5A-B and HH6A, If anyone has tried this on older HH's please let me know.


Instructions are below:




  • Direct connection to the Main router, for example/ Powerline Adapters, or hardwire ethernet.
  • HH5 A/B or 6A
  • 1x Powersocket
  • 1x Ethernet cable
  • 1x Computer (Or smartphone, not ideal but it will work)
  • This guide Smiley Very Happy Smiley Wink


1) Make sure that you have a currently configured network, with internet access and a DHCP server handing out IP addresses.


2) Get your homehub6 and plug the power in and let it boot up, it should start flashing purple when booted up.


3) Plug a Ethernet connection into a computer via any of the ports on the back of the HH.


4) Navigate to (or http://hub.home/) to access your hub manager.


5) First things first, head over to Advanced settings, and click system. I personally change the Admin password so i dont have to rummage through BT Homehub passwords to access the advanced settings, but you can keep this as default if you need.




6) You want to head over to My Network, IPV4 Configuration and change the Smart Hub's IP. Depending on your router your ip scope may start at a different range, but if your running a HomeHub on the network, then anything under will be fine. I changed my HH to



7) Your internet browser will timeout, now enter your new IP Address what you gave the HH and you should be greated with the HH's interface (If not, restart the hub and wait for it to settle down)


😎 Next, lets change the wireless settings for the HomeHub, Click advanced settings and select wireless. I prefer to seperate the Wireless Channels and Call them something Unique, you can leave them as default for peice of mind, or customise it for ease of acessibility. (Don't call it the same as any original WiFi networks as you could have trouble accessing both routers) Don't forget also to make a strong secure password for your WiFi networks.


9) We need to configure the router firewall, dont worry about your second firewall as your main firewall will be on your main router/modem. Head over to Advanced Settings, and Firewall, we need to turn off the firewall and also disable uPnP as this will be a access point/extender connecting to the original network. *BUT MAKE SURE YOU KEEP EXTENDED UPNP SECURITY ON!


10) We need to Turn off DHCP on your HH, Go to Advanced settings, IPV4 Configuration and Turn DHCP server, and Autoritative DHCP off as it will pull DHCP from the main router.


11) save the changes, RESTART THE HOMEHUB and then you want to plug a ethernet cable (or another measure of connectivity that is connected to the main router eg. WiFi Hotspot) into the LAN4 port on the back of the HH, and then plug in your computer in another LAN port (LAN4 always must have the Ethernet connection from the Main router)


12) See if you have internet connectivity, you can open up a web browser, or command line and ping a website, also you can go to the 2x different HH's on the network (If your already running one) as they will be on the Same network but on different IP's allowing you to access them anywhere on the network.




13) Test your internet speed, it should be the same as your main router (depending how your connected via port4) give or take 0.5 mbps.



Your HH6 lights will still flash Purple but there is a internet connection via the LAN4 port, if this annoys you, you can turn the HH6 lights off on the Hub settings, also the HH6 may restart in the next couple of minutes/hours, as i believe it is installing new firmware as it hasn't happened again since friday.


I would love to know if this helped anyone as ive put a lot of work into this post Smiley Very Happy 


Thought this would be helpful for some people chosing not to use the HH6 and make it good for something!


Thanks for reading!






(*UPDATED 14:04 17/10/16)

Make sure you turn on Extended UPNP security, otherwise you will get no internet access via wireless. (FIXED)


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Re: BTHub6 (Smart Hub) As WiFi Extender or AP (Access Point) & HH5.

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Yes, I think this would help a few people who may want to try this, but as you say, its a pity to waste a good HH6 as a wireless access point.

Many of the issues with the HH6 are being resolved.


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Re: BTHub6 (Smart Hub) As WiFi Extender or AP (Access Point) & HH5.

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Exactly yes,


Thought i'd share this guide so people will be actually able to use the HH6 if they don't want to use it via DSL.

Dedicated to keeping this updated if any issues arise and ill try my best to fix them


Thanks for the reply!



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Re: BTHub6 (Smart Hub) As WiFi Extender or AP (Access Point) & HH5.

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I have followed your guide in setting up the Smart Hub as an additional AP. However when i connect via the wireless to it the device fails to gain an IP address? It appears to work ok via a wired connection.


If i manually set it everything is ok, I am currently using two Smart Hub Type A's. One being the main modem/router and the other set up using your guide. If it makes any odds i am using Apple Mac's and iPhones to connect via wireless.


Any Advice?


Thanks 🙂

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Re: BTHub6 (Smart Hub) As WiFi Extender or AP (Access Point) & HH5.

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One of the big problems with the HH6 is DHCP, so it is probably the main Hub causing the problem. Personally I would throw both of them in the bin and get a proper router and WAP.

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Re: BTHub6 (Smart Hub) As WiFi Extender or AP (Access Point) & HH5.

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Hi mate, 


Did you follow the steps in the update part of the post?

This fixed the wireless issues with me?


If not, try disable UPNP Security on the Main router too.


- Jaye.

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Re: BTHub6 (Smart Hub) As WiFi Extender or AP (Access Point) & HH5.

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HI @Jayebmx



i did follow the update bit to make sure i enabled the extended security bit on the secondary router. I will try turning off the extended security on both and see if that works.


will let you know if that works,


thank you 



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Re: BTHub6 (Smart Hub) As WiFi Extender or AP (Access Point) & HH5.

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HI @Jayebmx

Thanks for the post, I have 2 smart hubs (both with the latest firmware SG4B1000223E), one as my primary ADSL and one as a WIFI extender configured as per your instructions, on my network (In addition to 2x Home Hub 5’s as WIFI extenders). The secondary Smart Hub is functioning reliably as a switch but not working with WIFI and I have tried all configurations of UPNP. The HH5’s are working well as WIFI extenders. It does appear that the secondary Smart Hub will connect once after a reboot but after that its not. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks David.

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Re: BTHub6 (Smart Hub) As WiFi Extender or AP (Access Point) & HH5.

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@d_amills  @lhrwilson


Sorry for the long awaited reply, 


I seen your posts and just wanted to clarify my settings with yours as i have mine setup perfectly.


Here are the screenshots from my setup that hopefully will be able to resolve yours, let me know if you run into any problems and give me a shout if you find the problem 🙂


- Once again, sorry for the late reply, had a lot of things to sort out busy busy at the moment!! Smiley LOL





Might have something to do with the Authoritative DHCP, try changing that and let me know!


- Regards, Jaye.

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Re: BTHub6 (Smart Hub) As WiFi Extender or AP (Access Point) & HH5.

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@d_amills @lhrwilson


Yes, i believe that should solve the issues, the Authoritative DHCP should be turned on, my mistake in the post.


Try turning that on as i believe it just allows the homehub to address devices, but not actually use DHCP on the current router (basically not assigning addresses based on its own configuration, in thoery if LAN is working it should already forward to your main DHCP server)


- try that out and if so ill ammend the post for everyone else, and give you both credit for raising awareness of the issue i had no idea about!



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