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BTInfinity Installation

I will be upgrading my BT broadband to BTInfinity at the end of the month when it becomes available in my area.  Our main phone phone socket is located in the bedroom of the house and I would much prefer to have the BT Home Hub and BTInfinity modem located downstairs.


Is it possible to plug this hardware into an extension socket or does it have to be plugged into the main socket?

If this is the case will the engineer install an extension if requested during installation?

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Re: BTInfinity Installation

Remember becoming available on your exchange does'nt mean you can get it immediately your local cabinet has to also be upgraded for you to move over, you can also after going live date check here to see whats happening ...


Also once your cabinet does go live for orders if you've registered at then they will email you telling you the good news.




 P.s Let the engineer know what you'd like and let him tell you your options.


Warmest Regards



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Re: BTInfinity Installation

i never got the e mail until after i had already had it installed ! i would just check the bt site every day when the exchange is due to go live . mine was available a week after the live date of 30 march and i was the first on the cabinet to get it but very odd as now the exchange date has moved to end of june but can still accept new orders on the cabinet as my neighbour has just ordered it ! 

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Re: BTInfinity Installation

My advice is to have a couple of solutions to your problem in mind for when the engineer comes to install. Either running data cable from existing master socket to where you want modem and router, or maybe having line crimped through at current master socket and make an extension socket into new master. Or you could install upstairs and then use homeplugs to feed connection to downstairs (direct to computer or to another router/switch).

At mine the engineer kindly made the extension socket in my study into the master socket. He also advised that the fewer phone points you have the less interference with the infinity signal.
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