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BTSH1/HH6 - Scheduled Daily Reboots/ Ethernet Ports going to sleep

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Here's some background.

In lockdown I have five of us working from home/ home schooling over 3 floors. I'm trying to actively ensure we all get the best possible experience for our work and schooling. I have BT Smart Hub 1/Home Hub 6 with three ethernet connections and often over 25 wifi connections (phones, laptops, bulbs speakers, extenders etc). 

I recognise that's quite a load on an ISP provided modem so I've been actively switching off wifi enabled devices where I can I've also taken to restarting the Hub once a day from the smart hub controller page on my phone early each morning to clear out any stale connections.Generally, this is working pretty well. However,  I've noticed that the access point in my top floor, connected to my router via ethernet occasionally seems to go to sleep and have found that the least intrusive way of waking it up is to reseat its ethernet in the router.

Two questions

i) I think I read on one of the boards here that BT's dynamic monitoring tool might diagnose a daily restart as a connection problem and may reduce my line speed as a precaution, that's obviously the reverse of what I'm after, is this true?

ii) Any ideas on the AP going to sleep, gut feeling is that its some thing in its config as I see the same behaviour regardless of the ethernet port that I use. But is there any setup on the router side I need to be aware of?



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Re: BTSH1/HH6 - Scheduled Daily Reboots/ Ethernet Ports going to sleep

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Constant resets as you describe will be seen as a line problem and the DLM will take action by increasing your noise margin and reducing your speed. If you continue with resets you will end up in abanded profile which can take weeks to get out of

there are no settings in router causing access point to go to sleep

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