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Re: BTTV sports HD



I’ll give it until tomorrow for BT to contact me as I don’t want to alter any settings in case it stops their progress.

Then I’ll try your suggestion.

Getting hold of BT to find progress is difficult though so if there are any BT colleagues on here who can help find the progress of the fault and the box picture issue I’d be really grateful.



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Re: BTTV sports HD

I seem to remember that @Gemma_P  was investigating this error some time ago but I don't know what conclusions were reached

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Re: BTTV sports HD

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Re: BTTV sports HD

I’ve tried the manual settings on the DNS as per your post, but this does not work as I thought, as I can get the BT test channel and Standard Def sports channels, just not the High Def channels even though I subscribe to the HD package and they allow me to select, I still get the IPC 6023 when I select the HD versions.


i have messaged @Gemma_P   as per your recommendation, so hopefully she will be able to help.

if you have any other ideas, please suggest them, but I think the issue is on BT side as per what I was previously told. They said that something hadn’t changed over properly but getting it resolved is causing me a lot of chasing with no results and I’m paying for this too.

i’m hoping they can at lest get it sorted before the football starts up again....


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Re: BTTV sports HD

I see your using powerline adaptors. Can you check, if possible, using a direct connection with an ethernet cable to rule out issues with the PLA's.

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Re: BTTV sports HD

I cannot check as too far away from TV.


BT said they’d found an issue at their end but I cannot get through to them for an update.


is there any BT employee on here who can get me the updates I need to rectify this

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Re: BTTV sports HD

So......The saga continues.....

I tracked the fault on BT website today and it claimed it was fixed, so I went to my BT TV box and now it says I need to setup or I am not subscribed to the HD package and to press ok to to continue.

i press ok and after a while it says that this package is no longer available.....

so I checked in my BT account and under TV the HD package now DOES NOT show and is not even an option.

its even removed access to all of my on Demand HD options which worked perfectly even though the live subscription HD channels had the IPC 6023 error.

This is going from bad to worse and I’ve had no contact from the BT tier 2 tech team as was promised on Sunday last.....

I am getting really frustrated with all of this now.


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Re: BTTV sports HD

Hi @redgobofraggle 

I'm just taking a look and you have a copper broadband connection.

You can't technically receive BT Sport HD on a copper service, doesn't matter what speed you get on copper, it is not offered.

I can see that someone has recently removed HD from your account too because of this reason, not sure how it was offered to you, I will check this to make sure we don't accidentally give it to any other copper customers.

I would call though and double check you get a refund for the time you were paying for HD and not able to receive it.

Hope that clears it up, sorry for the poor experience.



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Re: BTTV sports HD

Thanks Darren.

I appreciate you looking into this for me.

I will be taking this further with BT as I was sold something that was never capable on my package from what you are saying. I’ve gone through all sorts of time wasting reboots, reconnections, BT randomly turning my WiFi on and off remotely yesterday , which caused business video calls to drop among other things.

The most frustrating bit is the promise of updates and calls from the tier 2 team. Nothing. I’m in contact with a very understanding Facebook messenger customer service operator and will take the whole situation up with them as it’s not good enough really from BT.

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