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BTTV with ASUS DSL-AC56U router and getting IPC6023

I hope someone can help me.


I have the BT YouView box and purchased the ASUS DSL-AC56U router which is compatible with IPTV. I have taken the firmware back to the original and then gone through every issued firmware release from the ASUS Support drivers section for this router.


The router is now running the lastest firmware released 16/11/2016.


I have gone through the forums and none of the posted screen shots from other ASUS routers look like the available configuration settings seen on this router.


There is no options to "Use DHCP Routes for Microsoft".


Internet is working fine and I can go in to the BT TV library and watch anything in there.


Unfortunately if I try any of the internet channels like BT Sports, I get the dreaded IPC6023 message.


I do hope that someone has been able to get this routewr working with BT IPTV.


Thanking you in advance, any assitance would be greatly appreciated.




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Re: BTTV with ASUS DSL-AC56U router and getting IPC6023

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Re: BTTV with ASUS DSL-AC56U router and getting IPC6023

Thank you for the suggestion but that is for the DSL-AC68U and the configuration is a little different.


Mine does not have "Use DHCP Routes" to be able to set it to Microsoft.


The only options I have under the IP TV/Basic Config are as follows.


Enable multicast routing: Enable/Disable

WAN Port: Service 1 (is the only option)

UDP Proxy(Udpxy): 0

Remove VLAN tag from WAN: Enable/Disable


If I disable multicast routing, the tick box under WAN settings/Multi-Service Summary/Service 1 disappears.


I could show you the configuration but I don't know how to upload images on to here.


Please help, it is bugging the hell out of me.

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