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BTTV with a Synology RT2600AC router

Could anyone offer any advice as to how to configure this router with BTTV and the YV box?


I've tried to copy some settings from my previous router (Asus N66U).


IGMP snooping - Enabled

IGMP Proxy - Enabled

IGMP version 2

NAT enabled


In the IPTV section there is a dropdown box which has 3 options:


Manual - it requests a VID and Priority. Also have to select Tagged or Untagged.

Profile - Several pre-configured profiles e.g.  Starhub, Vodafone, Spark, Meo, Slingshot, Movistar XS4all

IPTV STB port (with Asus N66U this was always disabled) - I can select either LAN3 or LAN4 as either Internet or IPTV


I had it working late-on last night but wasn't able to test it for too long. When I got back from work this evening, I was told the TV had been freezing and breaking-up for most of the day. I've now had to revert back to the BT Homehub to stop the family shouting (Asus router is not used).

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Re: BTTV with a Synology RT2600AC router

Keith, why was this moved to a Broadband forum? I followed Stephanie's link (at the bottom of her post) to post my question:

This is specifically a YouView / BTTV issue, not Broadband.
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Re: BTTV with a Synology RT2600AC router

The YouView board is for problems with the YouView box or content issues. Stephanie has not been on this forum for a long time now, and the general broadband board did not exist then.


Subsequent discussions relating to which routers support multicast, are now on the general broadband board.


This keeps the Youview board free for new posters who are having difficulty with their YouView box, and do not want to read large discussions about routers. There is also specialist support on the YouView board, by BT technical experts.


YouView Boxes

If you’re using BT TV on a YouView+ box, or on a YouView set top box from BT, post your queries around setup, recordings and BT TV On Demand here. YouView also have their own forum: for any non BT YouView questions.
There are a number of discussions on this general broadband board which relate to the use of third party routers capable of handling multicast.
I am not aware of anything relating to your router, but there are a few people on this board who may be able to help.
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Re: BTTV with a Synology RT2600AC router

Hi Kojak


Did you manage to get BTTV working?







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Re: BTTV with a Synology RT2600AC router

I did Nick. My main issue was with my a power line adapter.

My settings were as above but I only had to tick the box to enable IPTV, no further configuration was necessary. If you need any more info, let me know and I'll try to help.

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Re: BTTV with a Synology RT2600AC router

I should also say that I removed all my powerline adapters and ended up running a cat5e cable from my openreach modem to my router (upstairs). I don't know if this was necessary though, as the TV worked ok on the homehub.
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Re: BTTV with a Synology RT2600AC router

Bit late in the day but for anyone in the same situation this is what worked for me:

BT Openreach modem (Huawei EchoLife HG612 3B)
Synology RT2600ac
BT YouView+ box (Humax DTR-T2100)

Synology settings

Password: bt [but I think anything works]

Initially both Internet and TV appeared to work but no response from BT Player button and no subscription channels (eg BT Sport).

Additional Synology settings

Under Local Network/General:

Both modem and router used IP address so changed router's to
Start IP address:
Primary DNS:

(Don't know if that was necessary but didn't do any harm.)

Changed IGMP Proxy to 'Enabled''

Under Local Network/IPTV & VoIP:

Select 'Enable IPTV & VoIP''
Mode: IPTV STB port

All other settings unchanged.

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Re: BTTV with a Synology RT2600AC router

Going back to my first post at the top, can anyone advise what values I need to use for VID, Priority and tagged or untagged?


I want to manually set up a port on my RT2600AC specifically for BT IPTV and it requires these 3 parameters.


BTW, has anyone who has updated to SRM 1.2-7742 Update 1 confirm that in order to get BT IPTV working, you have to select IGMP version 2 (not version 3)? This had me stumped after the recent firmware update and only discovered this today after trial-and-error.

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Re: BTTV with a Synology RT2600AC router

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Re: BTTV with a Synology RT2600AC router

Can any moderators offer any advice on this or where I could get an answer? I might post the question in another section of these forums.
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