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BTW Performance Test shows faulty result.

My broadband speed has slowly eroded over the years from about 28mbs to 20mbs other than that the connection is fairly reliable and i havent complained because ill only be told 20mbs is acceptable.Anyway while testing with the BTW broadband tester i get approx 20mbs but every 3rd or 4th try in succession it gives a reading of between 78mbs and 83mbs just wondered why i get this false reading every 3 or 4 goes.My profile is now down to 21 as it slowly erodes so its not possible.Ive tested on other speedtest sites but this doesnt happen.Im on infiniyty 1 up to 52mbs i believe.Im now dreaming of this 78 mbs and its not good for me lol.

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Re: BTW Performance Test shows faulty result.

I also did a test the other day..  My IP Profile is banded ( I think ) at 33.84 but I did a BT Wholesale  tests few days ago  and it said Down 135mb/////  It does have its strange sides./......   🙂

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Re: BTW Performance Test shows faulty result.

as @jeb0007 has said btspeedtester is giving some strange results  try a different browser

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Re: BTW Performance Test shows faulty result.

Good to know its not just me then.

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