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BTWifi profile won’t download to iPad

I’m trying install the BtWifi connection profile to my iPad Air 2019, when safari opens up with the message ‘profile download will begin shortly’ it just hangs there. It works on all my other devices but not this iPad...  I have the latest iOS and login details are correct. Any ideas?

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Re: BTWifi profile won’t download to iPad

I have the same issue and gave up after trying a few times. 

what other devices do you have? iPhone? If so what version of OS is on the phone.

i have a iPhone 6 which will only go as far as ios 12.4. and BT Wi-fi seems ok on that. So it might be an issue with IPADOS  13.




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Re: BTWifi profile won’t download to iPad

I had the same issue. I needed to fiddle with some settings in Settings > Safari. I ended up changing quite a few at once (I’m a developer so I even had some Experimental Features enabled), so I can’t be certain what fixed it... but I think it was simply clearing the cache for and/or under Advanced > Website Data.

Immediately on reloading Safari prompted me to allow or deny the configuration profile.

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Re: BTWifi profile won’t download to iPad

I had this very same issue ‘profile download will begin shortly’ but it never did.

I deleted the BT cookies from safari which made no difference.

I the copied and pasted the download url from Safari to Chrome only to get ‘profile download will begin shortly’ again! I then tapped the share icon in the top right of Chrome (square with up arrow) then I save to files. Or I may have saved to files by tapping ‘opens in’ on the profile xml.moblieconfig pop up from the bottom of the Chrome page and then save to files. (Sorry I don’t remember exactly but try both)

I then went to files folder tapped this file and then, eventually, it was available in apple’s settings and I download the profile as normal from there.

Not sure why it didn’t download in the expected way but it’s there now. From memory on my iPhone it downloaded exactly as expected in via the safari browser first time.

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Re: BTWifi profile won’t download to iPad

Hi @JackRussell1964 ,


thanks I tried that but it didn’t work for me. However whilst trying it in Safari I pressed the aA in the url address bar and selected request mobile site and the profile downloaded. It appears when the initial download profile web page opens safari thinks (or the url tell it) that it is a desktop not a mobile device.

so your post got me there in the end.

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Re: BTWifi profile won’t download to iPad

I didn’t realise you could tap aA and get all those options. Knowing that has potentially fixed a lot of other similar issues. Thanks

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