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BTYahoo! Email IMAP - Problem saving messages in Sent folder

I have been using BTYahoo! email with IMAP for several years now. One problem that I never used to have has become more and more regular over the last six months or so. It is now at the point where I get this problem 95% of the time when sending messages.


When I send a message it seems to get sent ok, but there is then a problem with saving a copy in the Sent folder. Almost every time it will trigger an alert in my e-mail client (currently Thunderbird) saying that the message could not be saved in the Sent folder. This alert appears after a short time-out limit is reached. At this point clicking the option to retry usually works, but sometimes it will just fail repeatedly and I have to cancel the attempt to save a copy.


I have tried a different e-mail client program but got a similar error alert about not being able to save a copy in the Sent folder. To me that implies it is a problem with either my BTYahoo! email client settings or the server-side system.


I'm using the same IMAP settings that I had used without issue for a long time.  -  port 993  -  SSL/TLS (normal password)  -  port 465  -  SSL/TLS (normal password)


I have tried changing the outgoing server to that below but it doesn't solve the problem.  -  port 465  -  SSL/TLS (normal password)



My questions are:-

Has anybody else experienced a similar problem?

Is anybody aware of any recent IMAP settings change that I need to apply to solve this?


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Re: BTYahoo! Email IMAP - Problem saving messages in Sent folder

Yes, I have occasionally seen that message with Thunderbird, its not a problem as the message has been sent, its just that there is a delay before the folders update, and Thunderbird sees that as an error and times out.


Its probably possible to increase the timeout within the user prefs file, but I just ignore it as it usually sorts itself out.


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Re: BTYahoo! Email IMAP - Problem saving messages in Sent folder

Hi Keith,


The problem started for me something like six months ago. Originally it was a rare occurrence so clicking retry once every now and then wasn't a big deal, but as I mentioned I now get the time-out virtually every time I send a message. I appreciate the message is successfully sent first, but I can't just ignore it as I need to have a copy retained in my Sent folder for my records.


Possibly the BTYahoo! servers that handle that function are much slower to respond now? I'll see if I can increase the time-out limit in Thunderbird. There is no time-out problem sending messages, just when saving the copy.


Once in a blue moon I don't get the error message but there is still no copy saved in the Sent folder. That is very annoying when it happens. Luckily that is still a very rare occurrence currently.


I'm really trying to establish whether this is a problem caused by my PC set up, or whether it's a problem with BTYahoo! email and there is nothing I can do at my end to fix it.

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Re: BTYahoo! Email IMAP - Problem saving messages in Sent folder

I would suggest that you try the "repair folder" option in Thunderbird to see if it helps, as it rebuilds the index.

If you right click on the "sent" folder and select "properties", the repair option is on the right.


A corrupted index file can cause this issue.



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