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BTYahoo Mail outage

I wanted to post a reply to the Forum yesterday, but the well known password problem with Yahoo prevented me from accessing!  I want to make 2 points:


(i) length of outage.  Part of the blame was given as a failed submarine cable and there was some discussion about repair times.  As a career spent excusively with installation and operation of submarine cables, I can say with some authority that the average time to repair a submarine cable fault is 7 to 10 days.  This allows for mobilisation of the repair ship, passage to the cable grounds, recovery of the cable itself (a 2 stage process as the cable cannot be lifted a a bight), testing and locating the fault, and splicing in the repair cable (2 splices each taking typically 20 hours).  If the weather is against you, the repair time is significantly extended!  For these reasons, restoration plans are produced for almost all cables to route via other facilities, either automatically or by manual patching.  Certainly service should be restored within 24 hours


(ii) fixing of fault.  When my wife announced she had got her service back, and I hadn't, I phoned the BT helpdesk.  I got through remarkably quickly and the technician quickly restored my service by resetting my password.  He claimed my account had been "compromised" which I had overlooked becaise of the known problem.  Is/has anyone else been in the same boat - maybe the fault caused the compromise?


Does anyone know why the migration across to the BT Mail platform is taking so long?  The service on the BTYahoo platform i truly awful, presumably because they have removed resource from it?



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