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BTYahoo New Mail - faster etc? WHAT A LAUGH!

I upgraded many weeks ago and revert to the old one because of problems. After ploughing through dozen of web-pages and links, I found a "how to complain" so I did. Someone rang me soon afterwards, said BT were having teething problems and told me how to revert back. He also recommended checking at a later stage to see if the problems had gone.


So I again "upgraded". What a total farce - two weeks ago speed were very, very slow. I complained again and, again, a few days later someone rans, said they were aware of the problem, which was being fixed.


Since then there has been a major problem of some sort EVERY day e.g.

(1) unable to add new contact (boxes weren't populated),

(2) unable to print ( blank box is displayed, then 'print failed, try again' message'.) That's happened all morning, even after I have logged off mail and then rebooted.

(3) font type and size changes at random.

(4) mail moves from Sent folder to Draft folder.


I was originally (joe.bloggs) on my BT mail (Outlook) then BT Wholesale got in touch - I had to switch to BTYahoo, they said, and also change my name to (joe.bloggs)


So now, as well as all the other problems, I get two copies of every incoming email!


I again complained and asked how to revert (upgrade, in my view) to the old version. Still no reply.


Sorry for this moaning - that's not like me - but is anyone else having this problem?


PS Should I get an award for finding how to email a complaint? It's blardy hard to find it - I couldn't just now but I then remembered this forum! 


PPS The only part of the new BT YAhoo mail that works well all the time are the adverts - of course.

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Re: BTYahoo New Mail - faster etc? WHAT A LAUGH!

When opening BT yahoo mail it goes to a screen asking me to upgrade. Did this months ago. If i click on internet explorer it wants me to install IE8. I'm using IE9 so how do they class this as a upgrade.

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