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BTemail (not yahoo) which is best option for spam blocking

Okay so i've been training the spam blocking system on the new BTemail for months now and have a question regarding block options. 

So if the domain name does not look like anything i reckonise then i'd use "Mark as spam and Block Domain" but is this really a good option. My main concern is that if the spam looks like or then i'd know not to block the domain but to be honest does doing this mean i will end up blocking emails from anyway.

So i guess my question is what does all these options really mean. I have used a number of them but stuff still seems to come through anyway. I could go and look at the real addresses under the hood but there are sometimes so many i can't be bothered to trace them all. I try to make sure i am not using my email addresses for wrong'uns but to be honest my email has been around for so long its inevitable i'll get some.

Anyway does anyone know what the best strategy is with these blocking tools that the new BTemail offers. (I do use a number of them as best i can guess)


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