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BTs Rubbish service and broken promises

Hello all. I would just like to add to all those would be BT customers on how POOR their customer services is.

Firstly three weeks ago I tried to watch the BBC news on I player. Instead I just got buffering. So I contacted BT technical help desk and complained.

On the first call they said they would fix it, they did not, It just got a whole lot worse. The speed of the broadband I was paying for should be at around 1.5. Instead I got the snails pace of 0.3.

I called again, I had more promises, Oh yes I had to explain again from scratch about what the issue was. Still I may as well taken a pee into a strong wind for all the good it did me. After promising that I would have the problem fixed , nothing, just  an even more dodgy phone line, If I made  a call it was like  as effective as using baked bean tins with string between them. 


On the third call the technical help man from Mumbi fiddled about with my line and still nothing , yes it just got worse!


Like wise with the fourth call. On the fifth call the guy said he would take responsibility  to correct the issue. But the issue is still the same. A rubbish phone line. This time they told me that my phone line had been capped at 0.3 , why I do not know. So folks if you hire there lines don't expect to have super fast broad band for long!!

I am sure BT have brought in these different numbers and push button lines to annoy and frustrate callers so they give up.

On the fifth time they told me it was a fault at the local exchange and they would get it fixed by 1900 tonight. Well you guessed it, it still runs at the speed of a stunned slug and my cordless phone isn't working at all now.


In frustration and anger I called the so called technical help desk based in the UK. They said they would ring back, they did not.
I then get a call back from Iambi who told me that all will be well after 1900 , No it is not. I told him that my cordless phone is now not working. He replied :Oh well you get that for free"  What an idiot I rent the thing!

All I have now  after three weeks is a cordless phone that will not work, (it did before I called BT) and a broad band the speed of a stunned slug.


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Re: BTs Rubbish service and broken promises

Welcome to this forum. This is a BT domestic customer to customer help forum, any messages posted here do not go to BT.

Its possible one of the forum members may be able to help you get your problem fixed.


If you would like help, then please post a help request on the Broadband Speed and Connections board. Thanks


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